[email protected] to Release #Mom as Next Single Off #ManAgainstMachine (Listen!)

It comes as no surprise that Garth Brooks will be releasing “Mom” as the sophomore single off his new album Man Against Machine. Aside from being one of Garth’s favorite tracks on the album, it has been the song that he has been showcasing at every media venue at which he has stopped during his whirlwind promotional tour (and social media launch) since a few days before the release of his album.

During a GhostTunes exclusive sneak peek of Man Against Machine, Garth said the following about this sentimental track that adopts a unique perspective on life:

The thing about the song called “Mom,” is just, it’s, it’s an amazing song. Unbelievably written. I didn’t have anything to do with writing this; I sure wish I did. What a beautiful, beautiful message. It’s this cool little take on life about this conversation between God and this unborn child that’s getting ready to go down to Earth. And when God describes what a mom is, I weep uncontrollably every time. And you know, I see my mom, I see other friend’s moms, I see, I see my daughters, I see children. You just see everything with this song. And it’s so beautiful. And is there anything more beautiful than a mom to pay a tribute to?

We assure you, Garth is not alone in his weeping upon hearing this song. The lyrics explain an unborn child’s weariness about leaving the sanctity of the before life to head down to Earth and see what this place has to offer. Throughout the song, God is trying to explain to the child that heaven exists on Earth in the arms of a loving mother. The soothingly emotional chorus goes:

So hush now little baby, don’t you cry, ’cause there’s someone down there waiting whose only goal in life is making sure you’re always gonna be alright. A loving angel tender tough and strong, it’s almost time to go and meet your mom.

In further discussing his new single, Garth took to his brand new Facebook page to share his thoughts on the masterful piece of art that is “Mom”:


Start requesting “Mom” and prove Garth right by helping to solidify his new single’s place in history — not only in the catalog of Garth Brooks, but in the country music books as well. 

Watch Garth Brooks perform “Mom” on GMA

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