#GarthBrooks World Premiere #PeopleLovingPeople (Listen Here!)

If there is one thing that can be said about Garth Brooks’ return to the recording studio and country music radio it’s that the man still has it after all these years. With a voice that fans can always rely on, it’s safe to say that Brooks could sing the phonebook and have the entire country music industry raving about his first release in seven years.

“People Loving People” comes at an opportune time when it seems as though the world could use a little reminder that peace and happiness start with the simplicity of appreciating one another. As Brooks explains in this somewhat educational track, answers to the problem of disruption in the human race cannot be bought in stores, found at the bottoms of bottles, or discovered in the stars. What it really takes is “people loving people; that’s the enemy of everything that’s evil,” as Brooks states the “remedy starts right here with you and me.”

Brooks’ latest release doesn’t submit to the “formula” of today’s country music and, rather, is reminiscent of exactly who Brooks was when he entered “retirement” many years ago. Of his new music, Brooks said in July, he isn’t chasing trends. “The world has changed, we know that, but all we can be is ourselves,” he said. “My job is to create, write, record and seek out songs.”

With a homecoming spirit that can be likened to that of “We Shall Be Free,” producing a political and insightful message, Brooks exchanges the early 90’s piano for a more modern electric guitar without compromising who he has always been as an artist … someone noteworthy who should be listened to when he speaks and sings. If anyone has the capacity to address current affairs and tackle issues head on upon an immediate restoration in the industry and to do so in a way that will resonate with critics, fans, and peers, it is the incomparable Garth Brooks.

In case you missed the world premiere of “People Loving People,” check out the stream below. Follow us on Twitter @CMchatLIVE and let us know what you think of Brooks’ first single in seven years.

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