Concert Review: Garth Brooks – Phoenix, AZ

What do you get when you book the top-selling solo artist in U.S. history? One hell of a show! Garth Brooks is a legend. He is playing multiple shows per tour stop and selling out faster than any other artist. Brooks brought a piece of history with him when he performed at Talking Stick Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.

Garth Rockin (2)

Don’t tell him, but I didn’t plan on going to see this concert. I’ve always been a fan of his music, but I didn’t know what to expect from a country artist old enough to be my father. I went to the second show that started closer to 11:30 p.m. Country fans were on their feet though the second he graced the stage. The energy from Brooks and the crowd was something I’ve never felt before at a country concert.

Brooks made it known he was there to play the classics. He knows his fans want to hear his older music. He played so many songs it was impossible to keep track, he has enough No. 1 hits to do so. He sang “The Dance,” “Friends in Low Places,” “Rodeo,” “Two Pina Coladas,” “The Beaches of Cheyenne,” “The Thunder Rolls,” and my favorite “Callin’ Baton Rouge” to name a few.

Brooks takes a break during the show, but the concert didn’t stop. His wife, Trisha Yearwood, came out and sang a few of her well-known hits, “How Do I Live,” “She’s in Love With the Boy,” and “XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl).”

Trish (2)

What amazed me was watching Brooks perform on stage. He doesn’t have a traditional microphone stand like most country artists. He owned the stage and never stood in one place for long. He’s constantly moving on stage…I’d be curious to see how many Fit Bit steps he gets in per show.

Garth Brooks in concert was more than I expected. Seeing him for the first time was a euphoric experience. It brought me back to the country music I fell in love with. He’ll go down as one of the greatest country music performers. Now I can say I’ve seen the best of the best in country music.

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Author: Liz Kellogg

I'm a desert dweller with a hint of twang. Writing about country music has given me the opportunity to do what I'm passionate about. I'm always searching for new artists and music. Meeting Justin Moore is #1 on my Country Bucket List. I live in Arizona, it's a dry heat.

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