Tissue Alert! Garth Brooks Serenades Fan with Cancer

Sometimes a song is just a song. Other times, it means so much more. That was the case at a Garth Brooks‘ concert in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 7th.

During his performance of “The Dance,” the camera panned to a woman in the audience holding a sign, which read, “Chemo this morning. Garth tonight. Enjoying the dance.” The audience immediately erupted into cheers for the woman, who Garth soon made his way to. Halfway through the song, Garth moved to the front of the stage where he sat down and serenaded the woman, who according to comments on the video is named Teresa and is fighting breast cancer. She sings every word back to him before he ends the song, offering her a hug and the ultimate souvenir, his guitar.

He offers Teresa a triumphant fist pump and a few words of encouragement as the crowd roars. “Sometimes man, sometimes, I’m one of those guys that said, “Man, if God would just give a big old hand that comes out from the sky and write, ‘I EXIST’ then there would never be any doubt, right?” Garth proclaims, his voice cracking. “Well I want to tell you right now, God just stuck his hand out and he wrote… You have all of my strength, you have everybody’s strength in here, and you go KICK CANCERS ASS!”

The moment is so genuine, so touching… and our thoughts and prayers are with Teresa at this time. Pass the tissues, stat.

Watch the incredible moment here!


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  1. Prayers to your Mom and your entire family. Thrilled she got to see Garth perform and he saw her. He is the very best and the video brought tears to my eyes.

  2. We were at the concert and witnessed this incredible story. Not a dry eye in the house. She instantly gained 19,000 more prayers being sent her way! God bless Teresa, her family, and Garth 🙂 We're pulling for you, Teresa from some fellow Iowans and Garth fans!!

  3. We were at the concert and witnessed this incredible story. Not a dry eye in the house. She instantly gained 19,000 more prayers being sent her way! God bless Teresa, her family, and Garth 🙂 We're pulling for you, Teresa, from some fellow Iowans and Garth fans!!

  4. How is Tresa now?

  5. Good to hear. I'm a ovarian cancer survivor and did 8 rounds of carbopalin/taxol. Most o/c gals do not get radiation. Has she been BRCA genetic tested and you as well. I was positive and had my breast removed in Feb. Called a PBM, preventive mastectomy, all tissue and nerves gone. Now only 1-4% of ever getting breast cancer. Not easy, but had to be done.

  6. Prayers for your mom & you. I sincerely hope she will "kick cancer's ass". It's obvious you know what a strong great lady she is…make sure her grandchildren know also & use her as their guide thru life's challenges.

  7. Alyssa~ you mom needs a BSO tubes and ovaries out ASAP. I pray that you and your sister are not a mutant or deleted of this gene. I have sons that need to be tested, because i have 2 little grandgirls, i hope it skips this generation.

  8. Alyssa, I am 17 years post Breast Cancer. During that time I witnessed MANY Miracles of God. . Whether we receive one, or witness one or are used by God to work through , it is simply Amazing when the Lord reaches down and shows His mighty power. Blessings to your entire family and to Garth Brooks for testifying <3

  9. Hi Alyssa, I was at the concert and was so inspired by the moment your mom and Garth shared, that I took all the different videos and video angles, and compiled them into one MASTER version: https://vimeo.com/111379121. I can also send her a master DVD if she would like a hard-copy of the video. It truly was the GREATEST CONCERT MOMENT OF ALL TIME! My best to your mom and your entire family!!!

  10. Hi Alyssa, thanks so much for taking the time to post! We here at #CMChat are sending our thoughts and prayers to your mom for a speedy recovery! 🙂

  11. I'm a 24 year survivor of a rare form of cervical cancer – stage 4 & ovarian cancer – stage 2. I did 12 & 1/2 weeks of radiation therapy @ 4500 millirads each time….swear I glow in the dark..lol…but i'm here & just got to celebrate my 25 wedding anniversary w/my hubby. I had to have a radical hysterectomy. I think a lot of your recovery/wellness comes from your attitude. Min was (after 3 drs. refused to look @ my records or run tests let alone examine me) Great we have a name for it..so let's go fix if! I got lucky by finally finding a dr. who listns, examined & ran the necessary tests plus a lab guy who had just returned from a conference where my cancer was highlighted cause it was so rare! Your mother's attitude sounds wonderful! Ya'll have my prayers & tell her to keep doing what she's doing!

  12. What a great story and what a great man Garth Brooks was that night. God Bless you Garth. And may God be with you and your mother Alyssa, we will be praying for you both!!!!

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