What Does Garth Brooks Have to Say About His New Tracks? Find Out Here! #ManAgainstMachine

For a twenty-four hour period, Garth Brooks is sharing clips of and quotes about his highly anticipated album, Man Against Machine, which will be released on November 11th. Using GhostTunes, the digital music website with which Garth has partnered, fans are NOW able to hear short snippets of the songs that they have been anxiously awaiting for seven years. Fans are also able to pre-order Man Against Machine or purchase a bundle of all of Garth’s music, from the beginning of his career through his 2015 album (including Man Against Machine), with a few simple clicks.

What did this timeless man (who would defeat machine any day) have to say about each of his fourteen tracks? Find out here:


“Man Against Machine” is just this raw, powerful, kickass kinda song that gets everything up and running. Great way to start an album. Great way to start a concert. It’s like starting a workout and starting a workout really, really hard and then settling in. It is the introductory song on the album, and for a good reason. This thing has got A LOT of muscle in it.


“She’s Tired of Boys.” The whole starting acoustic lick on this song just kills me. It just harkens back to the days of Seger and Mellencamp, and it just brings that whole wild and free, just windows down, radio up, and just to feel the wind just blowing in the cab of the truck and this song is cranked as loud as you can get it. Man, it’s just all about the feel; the guitar solo in this thing also takes me back to the twang guitar days, like to “Hotel California,” stuff like that. Just um, just killer tune. And, again, just one of those it doesn’t matter what year it is, what album it is. I would cut this song on any album, any year.


This thing’s a monster. “Cold Like That” it’s just, it’s just a monster. So much muscle in this song. Love the whole cold opening, and then when that down beat hits and the whole band jumps in, it just can’t get loud enough for me. The guitar playing’s crazy on this. It’s just, what a great feel, what a great groove. With music, the whole thing is to capture the magic when it happens. This was like putting lightning in a bottle.


What do you say about “All-American Kid”? It’s, it’s, it is the perfect Garth Brooks song. Um, you know, we’re lucky enough to travel around the world playing music, but the first thing I’ll tell anybody and everybody that”ll listen, “Hey dude, I’m American. Okay? So, I’m not gonna change to fit your format. We’re not gonna lose the steels, we’re not gonna lose the fiddles. We’re gonna do what we do and that’s country music with muscle in it. And I gotta tell ya, “All-American Kid” is exactly that. It’s country music with a hell of a lot of muscle.


The thing about the song called “Mom,” is just, it’s, it’s an amazing song. Unbelievably written. I didn’t have anything to do with writing this; I sure wish I did. What a beautiful, beautiful message. It’s this cool little take on life about this conversation between God and this unborn child that’s getting ready to go down to Earth. And when God describes what a mom is, I weep uncontrollably every time. And you know, I see my mom, I see other friend’s moms, I see, I see my daughters, I see children. You just see everything with this song. And it’s so beautiful. And is there anything more beautiful than a mom to pay a tribute to?


“Wrong About You” is everything that is right about music. From the musicians playing on this thing to the lyric, this thing gets in, gets it done, gets out. Fun, fun tune. A minute fifty-five, but trust me, you’ll want to push repeat on it as soon as you hear it once.


“Rodeo and Juliet,” the title says it all. It’s a cowboy’s look at Shakespeare and his work. And it’s just, it’s a love story between a young lady and the sport she loves: rodeo. And I gotta tell you man, we’re talkin’ about swing. I haven’t heard swing in a million years and it feels so fresh on this record.


“Midnight Train” is just all the cool things brought into one area. The feel, the mood, the lyric, just the whole way that the gut string guitar starts this thing out with just, just doing that train feel, and the train never stops ’cause this guy never stops thinking about that one love that he could never, ever get to settle down. And what a beautifully written song and this thing just takes you day in and then it takes you to nighttime, back to day, nighttime, and you start to feel this guy’s struggle within himself. A song all of us can relate to because everyone has that one.


Talk about your anthem. “Cowboys Forever.” I absolutely love what this song stands for, and how it sounds, how it all came together. Now this is an anthem. If you know Garth Brooks music, then you know at some point on that album, I’m always gonna pay tribute to the men, the women, and the hats. They fed us from the beginning, took care of us from the beginning, and they’ve been with us through the whole ride. “Cowboys Forever” is to all of the modern day cowboys and cowgirls, to the great cowboys and cowgirls of the past, and to the future of cowboys and cowgirls. “Cowboys Forever.”


“People Loving People,” what a wonderful statement. We talk all the time in the live show how it’s getting to where I can watch the news for two or three minutes and I get so upset that it ruins the rest of my day and I have to turn the TV off. I tell them “I don’t think one song can change the world, but this message sure can.” And I tell them “people, we can try everything all the smart people tell us to do for peace, but the truth is, it’s gonna come down to us just loving one another. Be the first time that I was gonna be on radio in over seven years, first studio album in over thirteen years, and if I had to pick a statement that I wanted to lead with, there’s not a more important statement than this one on this record.


There’s a great lyric in “Send ‘Em Down the Road” at the very end, where it says “you pick ’em up, you dust ’em off, you hold ’em close, and you pray a lot.” Anybody who’s ever had children, that’s what you do 24/7. What I love about “Send ‘Em Down the Road” is you know it was written by somebody who had just gone through this; and it doesn’t matter if his kid’s going from Kindergarten to first grade, high school to college, getting married, “Send ‘Em Down the Road” is every parent’s anthem. What a beautiful song.


I believe every album should have the song where you get to breathe. On this album, “Fish” would be that song. This is one of those songs where I don’t know which I love more: the lyric, the melody, the groove, the feel, it’s all there and it all paints the picture of this day out on the Gulf Coast, when this one guy’s taking a small vacation that works way too much, and finds a guy that just fishes all day and tries to fix him. And what he learns in the transition is, is something, I think a lesson we all need to learn. The song’s called “Fish.”


There are instrumental licks that define a song. For us, “The Dance.” For us, that acoustic guitar in “Friends In Low Places.” The piano lick on “You Wreck Me” is a piano lick for the ages. And then what the song says, the groove on it, the hop on it, it’s always leaning forward, but it’s just this beautiful masochistic song of just how a guy loves a woman for how bad that she treats him. And I can’t tell you how many relationships, guys or girls, that I have seen that happen to. “You Wreck Me” is very moody and it fits a lot of the … relationships. Cool tune.


“Tacoma” sits at the end of this record. Anybody that knows Garth Brooks knows that his favorite song is at the end of the record. This was a tough one to pick. There was three or four that could have sat at the end of this. But why “Tacoma” is there is that, simply, nothing can follow it. It feels more like a real out of time kinda song. A song that should have been written and recorded fifty years ago. Like an old R&B classic. It’s a beautiful song that the lyrics paint this dark and dankness of Tacoma, while trying to run from this memory that you just can’t outrun. Beautiful song. The background singers on this one just had so much fun and it shows. This is what background vocals were made for. Great lyric. Great instrumentation. Great song. “Tacoma.”

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