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Let’s get a few things “Strait” right off the bat: 1) George Strait retired from touring, not from making music; and 2) his new song has nothing to do with Disney‘s latest box office-dominating animated film, Frozen.

Now that we have cleared the air a bit, let’s discuss King George’s latest release, a song he intends to premiere at the 50th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards (“ACMs”) this Sunday, April 19th, while also accepting the 50th Anniversary Milestone Award. “Let It Go,” written by the King, his son, Bubba, and Keith Gattis, is a song about just taking the cards as they are dealt and working with what you have by maintaining an “it is what it is” attitude.

Supplying modern country fans with a traditional sound, George Strait makes his surprising return to radio with a stripped down tune that dials back to what the genre was like when he first entered it. The simple chorus explains:

Let it go. Yeah, you really oughta let it go. Let it all wash all under the bridge, blow it a kiss, give a rest, ’cause it is what it is. You never know what’s waiting just up the road, sooner or later that sun’s gonna shine, luck will turn on a dime, so when the good times roll, let them roll; when they don’t, let it go.

Though newer country fans may not “get it,” simply because of the turns the genre has taken as the years have flown by, those who have grown up with George Strait and other like greats will appreciate the classic feel of “Let It Go,” as well as the timelessness that is evident in each song the King of Country conquers.

Tune into CBS on Sunday, April 19th, to watch the ACMs and see George Strait perform his newest song. And, before the awards air, make sure to take Country Music #CMchat’s ACMs predictions poll by clicking here.

Listen to George Strait’s “Let It Go”

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