[email protected] Puts Country Twist on @PassengerMusic’s #LetHerGo (Listen!)

If you’ve listened to pop radio in the last six months, chances are high that you’ve heard Passenger’s ballad to love lost, “Let Her Go.” With its heavy lyrics and somber melody, the track was just one voice shy of being a country hit, and now it’s found that missing piece. Enter Glen Templeton.

The track is already garnering major attention on SiriusXM’s The Highway, already having hit #3 on the satellite station’s countdown. While the original version of the song is good, it’s Templeton’s performance and voice that truly elevate the newly-minted country tune. His voice bears a husky and raspy growl, adding twangs of country loneliness and longing. “Staring at the bottom of you glass, hoping one day you’ll make a dream least, but dreams come slow, and they go fast,” Templeton croons longingly, regret twinging his voice as he sings “Everything you touch surely dies.”

His voice shines especially bright at the end of the song, a manly tone of regret missing from the original before the music drops out to reveal a single, haunting finale, “And you let her go.”

Whether you love or hate the original version of “Let Her Go,” Templeton truly elevates it to a country ballad here, and it’s a must-listen for any country fan.

Watch Glen Templeton’s Video for “Let Her Go” here!

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