On Monday June 1, Country Music Trio Gloriana, (brothers) Tom and Mike Gossin as well as brunette bombshell Rachel Reiner joined Country Music’s #CMchat to talk about their new album “Three”.

And it was a THREE-some we’ll never forget.  Their answers are playful, just plain fun and a whole lotta awesome. This was one of my favorite Twitterviews ever. You can tell what a great sense of humor the band. The chat was moving fast I missed a TLC and a Michael Jackson reference that had me cracking up today.  They also prompted a google moment for me: poutine, a  Canadian delight made with french fries, topped with a light brown gravy-like sauce and cheese curds.  So I hope that Gloriana gets a food truck and delivers some of this yummy over to my hood!

gloriana Poutine

You can watch Gloriana’s new video for song, “Trouble” below, which was released today, same as their album. Also check out Taylor’s review of their new album here.

Q1 If you were introducing someone to Country Music for the first time, what artists/music would you suggest?

A1 A new artist that we love, Mo Pitney, has the perfect country sound.

Q2 If you had three wishes from a non-tricky genie, what would you wish for?

A2 Unlimited wishes. And then you just get wishes forever

Q3 Whats the one thing you guys disagree about while on the road? @BrittWV

A3 Toilet seat position! Tom thinks I should leave it up for the guys but I don’t wanna fall in at night!

Q4 What’s 1 thing you absolutely cannot live without & 1 thing you wish we could all live without? via @Teeco71

A4 Can’t live without smart phones, but wish that we could.

Q5 Do you define yourself based mainly on your intentions, your actions, or something else? @joycecherrier

A5 Our actions, even though the intention may sometimes be better than the result. We’re only human!

Q6 Describe your new album in #Three words?

A6 Crazy, sexy, cool. #wedontwantnoscrubs

Q7 If you were a super hero what would be your catch phrase be? via @HeyKim

A7 “It’s On Tonight”

Q8 Besides touring, what’s your favorite thing to do together ? via @MsWillieLosito

A8 Twitterchats. #teehee

Q9 Read that trouble was inspired by a guy who cheated on Rachel, are you serious? via @Sneezeguard

A9 Yes. He’s a turd.

Q10 if you owned a foodtruck what would you sell?

A10 French fries from around the world. Especially poutine.

Q11 “People always tell me…” (finish sentence in funny way)?

A11 “…be careful what you do. Don’t go around breaking young girls’ hearts.”

Q12 Is there anything we haven’t asked you about you that you think fans would want to know about you?

A12 We love salad with extra tomatoes!

Gloriana – Ain’t Runnin’ Outta Summer – Official Audio Teaser

click pic to buy Gloriana – Three on itunes

Gloriana Three

Check out the #AskAnythingChat Gloriana did with iHeartRadio’s Cody Alan the same day as the release of their new album and their new video for Trouble.

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