Gloriana’s Rachel Reinert used real life betrayal for new song

Sometimes a singer needs to be an actor or actress to really get emotion from a song’s theme, but not this time. Gloriana’s Rachel Reinert pulled from a real life situation when she co-wrote the song with band mate Mike Gossin about an ex-boyfriend who cheated on her about two years ago.

Rachel was dating somebody two years ago when they cheated on her. She had suspected it but when she confronted her then boyfriend…he lied about it.  Big shocker, right?

Rachel likes to think of herself as a likable person, but do her wrong and you’ll see a whole new side.  She said if you cross her, then you’re gonna pay. Yikes…note to self: don’t tick Rachel off.

Although her form of making this now ex boyfriend pay was in the form of song writing. Band mate Mike suggested she let her anger out in a song and hence “Trouble” was created. Mike said he was way proud of her for getting that off her chest and allowing her feelings to flow in the song and hopefully others can relate.

It definitely adds a sense of vulnerability and authenticity to the song.

You know what they say about country girls….don’t screw them over because there’s nothing they do better than revenge and “Trouble” proves that.

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