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Granger Smith is releasing his new EP, 4×4, on May 4th, but fans needn’t wait much longer for new music from the more serious half of the Granger Smith/Earl Dibbles, Jr. combination pack.

Granger’s new single, “Backroad Song,” penned by Granger and produced by Frank Rogers, is impacting radio and becoming available on iTunes March 24th. The track celebrates the sanctity involved in taking a drive alone, rolling down the windows, and finding solitude in those moments. The only thing that would make the adventure better is if he could pick a certain┬áspecial someone up to join him on the open road, as explained by Granger during the bridge.

The explosive and catchy chorus goes:

Ooh ooh ooh, freedom is the miles I’m rolling on. Ooh ooh ooh, out here cruisin’ to a backroad song. I feel the wheels like a melody, like a radio dialin’ in strong. Come on, come on, sing along, sing along to my backroad song. Ooh ooh ooh. Ooh ooh ooh.

“Backroad Song” possesses the type of dynamic breakout chorus that country fans often appreciate, taking a slower paced opening verse into a hook that bursts from the musical seams. Proving to possess enormous vocal talent, aside from his incomparably high energy stage presence, Granger spotlights his range on this song, flawlessly visiting some extremely high notes after singing comfortably in his middle register.

You can begin to hear “Backroad Song” on radio stations this coming Tuesday, March 24th. Granger’s new single will also be available to download from iTunes the same day.

Granger Smith Backroad Song

Listen to Granger Smith’s “Backroad Song”

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