6 “Yee Yee” Moments You Can Expect at a Granger Smith Concert

In August of 2015, Texas-born country artist, Granger Smith (accompanied by his alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr.) signed a record deal with Wheelhouse Records. Just one year later, on September 9, 2016, Granger Smith played for his very first time at the new Joe’s Live in Rosemont, Illinois. Granger has been perfecting his live show for several years now and is constantly coming up with groundbreaking ways to break the chains and entertain new fans as well as the ever faithful Yee Yee Nation. There were so many memorable “Yee Yee” moments from this show, but these six times stood out the most.

#1 Throwbacks.

Granger Smith is well aware that Yee Yee Nation has been following him long before his mainstream radio days. Therefore, he made sure to keep giving them what they came for in the first place, as well as keeping his team rooted in their humble beginnings. One of the songs that have been a part of the live show for some time is the Irish jig, “I’m Wearing Black.” The crowd mimicked Granger and his band as they jumped around to the peppy tempo on stage and everyone belted the forlorn love lyrics.


#2 Garth Brooks Cover.

As one of Granger’s biggest influences, it was appropriate that he covered Garth Brooks’ hit “Ain’t Goin Down Til The Sun Comes Up” while he danced and goofed around the stage with his band. It was a moment of giggles and reminiscing for the audience.

#3 The Fan Interactions

From the moment he took the stage, Smith flashed the crowd a smile of gratitude that didn’t waver. Throughout the show, he seized every opportunity to connect with fans. During the widely popular song, “We Do It In A Field,” Granger snapped selfies with as many fans as possible, and once the show was over, he stuck around to sign merch and meet fans from the stage.

#4 Backroad Song.

When an artist has been worthy of a #1 song for about a decade, it’s a magical moment when it finally happens. “Backroad Song” is Granger Smith’s first number one single, and listening to it sung back by fans new and old, at epic levels, is something that can’t be explained. Watch a clip here!

#5 His band.

From the banjo, to the guitar players, to the wild man who bangs the double bass drums adorned with “YeeYee,” Granger Smith’s band is not only musically talented, but they enhance the show with an energetic charisma that entertains and complements Granger’s lead.

#6 The Encore.

It’s the moment you wait for when the show is seemingly over, the lights go out, and you’re craving just a little bit more. You don’t need a lighter for this encore, though. Instead, you’re going to want to put a good dip in and crack one last cold one, because it’s about to get real dang country. Cue Granger Smith’s alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr. Relive the moment via this clip!

Is Granger Smith coming out your way? Check out the upcoming tour dates here and let us know what you think of his show.

Author: Tiera Bolt

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