[email protected] vs. @EarlDibblesJr ‘Backroad’ Battle #DigitalDuel

Every week in Country Music #CMchat’s #DigitalDuel we will be featuring two songs for you to vote on. The songs might be related, might be different covers, or have no relation at all. Once they’re posted, it’s up to you – the fans – to spread the word and hash it out to win the #DigitalDuel. Simple enough?

Here’s your new challenge:

Granger Smith “Backroad Song” vs. Earl Dibbles Jr. “Country Boy Song” – ‘Backroad’ Battle

With a brand new EP, 4×4, being released in early May, Granger Smith released his latest single to iTunes this week. “Backroad Song” is Granger’s first single since taking the national spotlight. He has frequented Texas Country radio with songs like “Oxygen,” “Don’t Listen To The Radio,” and “Color Blind.” The new-to-Nashville artist has already released eight full length albums since 1998. Give a listen to his latest single and vote at the bottom of this article in the ‘Backroad’ Battle.

Granger has a little identity crisis every once in a while. Now, I’m not saying Granger is Earl Dibbles Jr, but I’ve never seen Earl and Granger in the same room… Earl has become quite the internet personality since the release of “Country Boy Song.” He frequently tours with Granger to perform a few songs and let me tell you, the venue fills with the sound of “Yee Yee” every time. If you have never seen the video for “Country Boy Song,” be sure to watch. If you have seen it, crack a cold one and watch again. Vote below for your video pick in this Duel.

Earl has reached internet stardom, but Granger is a well known Texas artist. “Country Boy Song” is a well-known video, while “Backroad Song” has just had its first listen. We here at Country Music’s #CMchat love the originality of both acts. The vote for this battle is now in your hands. Who will be crowned the winner in this head-to-head battle? Vote for your pick in this week’s #DigitalDuel.

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