Was Rock Group Guns N’ Roses a Potential Country Music Group Way Back When?

Eh, most likely (definitely) not. But I did stumble across this tune today while driving in my car. The song is called “Used To Love Her”. It’s an acoustic song which was released in 1988 and can be found on the G ‘N’ R Lies album. I did a little research because it doesn’t sound like your typical Guns N’ Roses song. Apparently, the song is rumored to have been written as a joke by Axl Rose about his dog. The story was that he had to put his beloved pup to sleep and buried her in the backyard. Who really knows? The actual lyrics tell the story that although he loved his significant other, he ultimately had to off her because she drove him absolutely nuts.

Anyways, in my opinion, although morbid, these lyrics and music could easily be/have been categorized as country music. What do you think? Ultimately, I’m happy GNR didn’t end up going the country route, as they will undeniably forever go down as one of the best rock groups of all time.

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