Gwen Sebastian

One of Country Music’s #CMchat’s favorite friends, Gwen Sebastian, joined Jessica Northey and the #CMchat community for a Twitterview on Monday night, March 9th, to promote her new single “Throw It Back.”

We were quite honored that Gwen was able to take time out of her busy schedule in order to spend one hour with us, considering her incredibly fast-paced tour life. In case you didn’t know, Gwen is currently on the road with Miranda Lambert on the Certified Platinum Tour, sharing her talent with country music fans across the nation. And, not only is Gwen performing as a background vocalist on this tour; she is also sharing the limelight with her headlining friend, having performed the Dixie Chicks’ “Cowboy Take Me Away” as a trio (with Miranda and respective opening acts) throughout the duration of the tour.

Somehow during this very active time in Gwen’s career and life, she has found the time to release not one, but two songs as of late – “That Could Be Us” and new single “Throw It Back.” Showing off her diversity by releasing a sweet ballad and a powerful party song within weeks of one another, Gwen has continued to mesmerize country music fans — especially those of us here at #CMchat.

As stated above, we already loved Gwen quite a bit around here, but we now love her even more (not realizing that was possible beforehand) after spending the hour with her. To say that Gwen is sweet, humble, and an incredible person is an understatement. She is all of those things and an endless list of other wonderful attributes rolled into one beautiful lady.

All of this aside, Gwen took the one-hour Twitterview to share some really great information with our #CMchat community. In incredibly important news, we found out that Gwen loves to sports Valentine’s Day socks all year ’round. We also found out that she loves working with Blake and Miranda and that they are supportive of her solo career, allowing her to do outside shows … Do bosses get much cooler than that?

We also learned that the most special song in Gwen’s repertoire is called “When I’m Gone,” a track she wrote for her parents. You can get the song on iTunes, as well as so much more Gwen-related information, by scrolling down and checking out the tweets below.

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