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Gwen Sebastian is a friend and favorite of our Country Music Chat (#CMchat) team, and we are so excited for the solo career on which she is embarking. Gwen released her single “Small Town Soul” earlier this summer and has found success on SiriusXM The Highway as a #OnTheHorizon feature. Now, Gwen has provided fans with a music video in support of her rising single, filmed in her home state of North Dakota and truly embracing the essence of Gwen as a small town soul.

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The beauty of the video, aside from the breathtaking scenery and sentimental value of it taking place where Gwen was raised, is that home movies of a young Gwen are laced throughout, autobiographically showing her small town side, rather than attempting to depict the message by using actors and/or a storyline. During performance aspects, the videography is stunning, as the projection of the films is strewed over Gwen’s face and body, continuing to relay the personal attachment she has to the track.

Further demonstrating that Gwen remains tied to her roots, there are also scenes of her video chatting with her family, along with other portions which show that Gwen has left North Dakota to pursue big dreams in a bigger town. The alternating between photo shoots and autograph signings and home movies from the past tends to show that even when things change, they have the  propensity to stay the same, as long as the person stays true to him/herself. And stay true to herself, Gwen certainly has.

Watch Gwen Sebastian’s “Small Town Soul” video here and make sure to download the single from iTunes below:

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