[email protected] Resurrects @The_Cranberries’ #Zombie

Gwen Sebastian, Adley Stump, and Lyndsey Highlander performed at Soulshine Pizza’s The Stomp, a monthly concert series that highlights the women in country music, as a part of the April event. While all three female country powerhouses are standout artists in her own right, the undeniable highlight of the evening was, ironically, not a country song.

During her set, one that uniquely played like a continuous loop of distinct songs, Gwen suddenly entered into her rendition of the haunting “Zombie” by The Cranberries. As the performance began, people exchanged looks of surprise, asking one another if they were actually hearing what they thought. And they were.

Gwen Sebastian The Stomp

Mesmerized by Gwen’s passionate performance, onlookers sat wide-eyed as the artist who has more stage presence than most award-winning acts proved why she is a bonafide solo performer with the talent to make it big in the industry. Gwen’s large tour experience filled the intimate venue as she made the small stage seem like a full production, while her vocals sent chills down fans’ spines. The range Gwen demonstrated during her interpretation of the song valley’ed and peaked at the most extraordinary of notes, not only showing that she is a commodity in her genre, but can conquer music as a whole.

Gwen Sebastian Soulshine Pizza

Allow yourself to be amazed, moved, and entertained by watching the video below.

Watch Gwen Sebastian perform The Cranberries’ “Zombie”

Gwen Sebastian Throw It Back

BONUS: Gwen Sebastian performs “Zombie” on the piano

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