#CMchat Review: @GwenSebastian’s New Single #ThrowItBack

Gwen Sebastian is certainly spoiling fans lately, releasing two new songs in less than three weeks. For Valentine’s Day, the romantic, wishful ballad “That Could Be Us” graced our ears and lives, and we all spent a few minutes envisioning our personal versions of an ideal forever. Now, in a true flip of the switch scenario, Gwen released the sassy and fun-loving “Throw It Back” to radio.

“Throw It Back” shows off Gwen’s more playful side, as she is out searching for a good time to be had. Soliciting her girls for a night out with their hair “jack[ed] up to Jesus like they do in the south,” Gwen is looking forward to a rowdy night, complete with 80’s music and shots at the bar … preferably Fireball.

The celebratory chorus goes:

Throw it back, catch a little buzz, let it get you crazy like a good party does. There’s a funner┬áme and you at the bottom of the glass, throw it back.

Shaking off “one hell of a week,” Gwen employs her strong, twangy vocals to encourage those around her to let loose, leave the rough days behind, and, quite simply, throw it back. With enough personality and phenomenal talent to emerge from the background vocalist role to take on a front-woman position on stage, “Throw It Back” further solidifies that Gwen Sebastian is an artist capable of any song that comes her way.

Download Gwen Sebastian’s “Throw It Back”

Gwen Sebastian Throw It Back

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