Review: @HaleynMichaels Self-Titled Debut EP

Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels, collectively known as Haley & Michaels, have released their self-titled debut EP, much to the excitement of fans. The five-track offering includes their first single “Just Another Love Song,” a SiriusXM The Highway hit, as well as four other cuts that will further prove the monstrous vocal abilities of the duo members.

As Country Music #CMchat previously noted, “Just Another Love Song” is a song about a song on which Haley & Michaels had an assist from Lonestar’s Richie McDonald. Demonstrating the seamless blending of Haley & Michaels’ vocals, the lead single serves as a battle between people in a relationship who are coming apart. Incorporating lyrics from one of the best love songs in country music history, the track is a perfect introduction to the duo’s first project.

Aside from the faster tempo’ed opener, Haley & Michaels use the five song album to showcase their variety of vocal skills, ranging from fast to slow pace and dipping their toes all over the spectrum. Seemingly relying on songs that provide the twosome the ability to emote, they especially shine on “One More Night to Break” (written with The Warren Brothers). “One More Night to Break” is a slow tempo tune about a couple on the verge of saying goodbye; however, each half of the pair is struggling with the idea of making tonight the last. While the realization of parting ways is something they have come to terms with, the time doesn’t seem right just yet, as they beg one another to postpone the pain of the “breakdown and breakup.” Each vocalist emits undeniable vulernability, successfully flowing through their alternating deliveries of lyrics.

The remaining tracks, “500 Miles,” “We’ll Always Have Mexico,” and “Light It,” further exemplify the duo’s dexterity, acquainting country music fans with two more original songs, as well as a cover of The Proclaimers’ pop culture phenomenon. Haley & Michaels rest their hands on an often-covered track, bringing flavor to it like never before heard. Stripping it down and inducing a bit of romanticism in the song, the doublet adopts a previously catchy earworm, transforming it into some of the sweetest ear candy. Words cannot do the cover justice — just simply watch the video below and prepare to be bewildered.

“We’ll Always Have Mexico” is simply delivered, supported mainly (and often only) by piano, and focuses on a relationship that ended long ago. As the couple reminisces on their times together, there appears to be the igniting of the old flame. Haley & Michaels’ sentimental delivery connects listeners to the characters, making them long for a sequel to find out what comes of this candle that is being re-lit.

Speaking of lighting a fire, “Light It” rounds out the EP, ending it with a bang, celebrating love and life. Contradicting the breakup songs and those that remember when, “Light It” honors the here and the now, appreciating the good times while they are happening. The final of the five tracks is a memorable way to bid farewell to the collection of songs that will further, and favorably, familiarize country music with Haley & Michaels.

Haley & Michaels is an impeccable inauguration for the like-named duo, showcasing talent, emotion, and relatability from the beginning of the disc. Click the iTunes banner below to download your copy of the EP now.

If you want to be further acclimated with Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels, join us for a Country Music #CMchat Twitterview on Wednesday, October 29th, as they will be joining us as our guests.

Watch Haley & Michaels “Just Another Love Song” here:

Haley & Michaels

Watch Haley & Michaels perform “500 Miles” here:

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