Hats Off to Sam Hunt (AUDIO INTERVIEW)

If there was an award given out in the country music industry for being unique, Sam Hunt would have my nomination. As “bluntry” (R&B infused country) catches on, his approach to great storytelling lyrics is making fans out of many folks.

AND then there are all those hats. Sam loves him some ballcaps and sure sports a wide array of symbolic headgear. So, our very own Dan Van caught up with Sam to get the lowdown on those lids.

Sam explained that his hat collection is a result of losing items frequently:

I can hardly keep up with my cell phone or anything that’s not directly connected to me at all times for very long, and the hat thing is sort of the same program. I end up misplacing them pretty quick and take a little piece of that community or that little town’s culture with me on the road and a hat is a way I have been able to do that.

Sam also shared that he keeps his collection of hats at home:

I probably have 30 or 40. I’ve lost a lot more than that probably over the last couple of years or sat on them or done something to put them on the “B” team.

AUDIO: Sam talks about his hat collection with Country Music’s #CMchat’s Dan Van

Sam’s current single, “Take Your Time,” isn’t wasting any time on the charts, as the Top 10 hit continues to climb.

In case you missed the Twitterview we did with Sam awhile back, here’s the wrapup.

Watch Sam Hunt’s controversial “Take Your Time” video

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