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“A breath of fresh air” is the best way to describe this week’s #OneToWatch artist Heather Fay. The Connecticut based singer/songwriter takes a more traditional approach to her country music sound by sticking to more folk and bluegrass when it comes to her slower more chill songs, but still knows how to beef it up every now and then giving that bluegrass sound a little groove and edge.

Heather sings from her heart and pours her real life experiences into her lyrics, and you can definitely hear it in her music and in the way she delivers a song. Her music is just as catchy as her melodies which allows her to engage the listener into making them really want to hear what she has to say.

You can hear all of what I’m talking about in her second full length album, “Cherish The Broken”, which was released in early October. The album was funded completely by fan crowdsourcing has received positive reviews.

“The response has been great,” Fay tells #CMchat. “It makes me incredibly happy to know that people are loving the album!”

Heather has taken a different approach to getting her name out there. She’s done so by utilizing Google On-Air Hangouts for connecting with and playing live sets for her fans and followers. And the best part is that she can perform straight from her home.

Fay says, “I’m also really proud of how I’ve used social media, Google+ in particular, to build a global audience.”

“I was the first person to use G+ Hangouts to host a weekly global Open-Mic Hangout which brought musicians from around the world together in one “virtual” room to share their songs. Social media is such an important tool for independent musician these days and I’m amazed at how many doors have opened and how many opportunities have come my way because people found me via my social media,” she adds.

And she’s clearly onto something, since she’s built her Google+ following to over 800,000.

Most recently, Fay was asked by Bono’s One.org to join U2, Mumford & Sons, Sting, Ed Sheeran, Green Day, Elvis Costello and others to be part of their Agit8 campaign which is focused on bringing back the spirit of the protest song.

“I’m also 1 of ONLY 5 independent artists who will be joining these well-known artists on the One.org and Spotify “Ultimate Protest Song” Album. It was an incredible honor to be invited to be part of this amazing campaign and to be able to use my voice to help make positive change in the world!”





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  1. Love Heather's Music. Been a fan for over 2yrs now. I am one of her many Heathers Hearts.. Rock On

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