Congrats @_DaniellePeck on ‘Finding a Good Man’!

Saturday, December 14th, 2013 by
Danielle Peck

Country Music Singer Danielle Peck, known for female anthem, “Here’s to Finding a Good Man”  finally found hers!

Last night, Peck puckered up, and gave me some “behind the smooches” on the her engagement to Music Professional, and Oregon Native Josh Smith (who is on currently on tour with The Eagles.)

Danielle Peck Josh Smith Engaged


“We met last year at Veteran Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas’ surprise birthday party that Rachel Bradshaw (his girlfriend) threw for him. (They also just got engaged a couple weeks ago.  Love must be in the air ~ EVERYWHERE!) We’ve been inseparable ever since!  I knew within the first 24hrs that he was “The One”.  


Danielle Peck Ring

Last night (Thursday), Josh “re-created” our 1st date (amazingly) – and we were talking about how perfect everything has been between us – just like a dream!!  And then he got down on one knee, and asked me, ‘to make his dream come true” and I said YES! 


Danielle Peck

“He’s in the music industry too (not the music side / but the production side) before the Eagles, he was out with Rihanna, before that Madonna and has toured with many huge acts.”  


“PS Someone just asked me “what about your career?”  …. Well, the awesome thing about us an our relationship – is that we are completely 100% supportive of each other! And neither of us have to change a thing if we don’t want to.

My career is still full steam ahead and is only getting better everyday knowing that I’m loved for who I am and completely believed in rock-steady & rock-solid!!!”

finding a good man

I am so happy for Danielle and wish her and Josh the best! Can’t wait for the wedding! Have already confirmed I will be flower girl, beer girl and get take pictures.

Ok and one more pic of that gorgeous ring!!!



Danielle Peck Josh Smith Engaged cmchatlive.com

I love you today, tomorrow and always. *wipes tears from eyes* So proud for you!

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