Hillary Scott Inspires With Solo Debut Album

We all know and love Hillary Scott as the leading lady of country music’s powerhouse trio Lady Antebellum, but when the time came for a break in touring, each respective member of the band found their own personal project to keep them busy and inspired. For Hillary Scott, this meant delving into her faith.

Hillary Scott’s Love Remains is a soulful and well-crafted album rooted in her family’s unshakeable Christian faith. Released as a summer album, this collection of songs is perfect to play year round, and likely graced the walls of many homes during this past Christmas season.  As the staple in all country music, you can hear how Hillary Scott and her family connect, not only with the words they are singing, but with the audience they are singing to. Their resolve to share with the world their understanding of hope and triumph over adversity through music will be an inspiration to anyone who hears it.


“Beautiful Messes”

This song is that positive reminder we all need to hear sometimes. You don’t have to have it all together and your faults are only a piece of you, they don’t define you.


Quite possibly one of the hardest things to do in a world that professes the constantly busy and never ending quest for acceptance and success.

“Sheltered In The Arms Of God”

No matter whether it’s a beautiful sunny day or it’s thundering and your world is crashing around you, this song is that “you’re not alone” message that you need even when you don’t realize it.

“Safe Haven”

Whether it’s a person or place, we all have that one thing we turn to where we can just let our guard down and find the energy to recharge for another day, another challenge.

“The Faithful Love Of Jesus”

Steven Curtis Chapman and Ricky Skaggs are featured on this song. You may feel like giving up or hiding from events in life but there is one love that will always surround you.

“The River”

This song features Sharon White and Cheryl White. Often a symbol of cleansing and rebirth, the river is a hopeful sign and this song is catchy and inspiring.

“Thy Will”

I will probably listen to this song on repeat because the lyrics speak thoughts so many people must have but don’t want to say out loud. I cried the first time I listened to it.

“Untitled Hymn (Come To Jesus)”

A calming melody and a beautiful arrangement. The voices of The Scott Family really stand out on this song urging simple messages of where to turn in prayer.

“Love Remains”

This song is what everyone in the world needs to hear and really soak in with every inch of their being.

“We March On”

An uplifting and motivating song with a constant beat. No matter what you’re going through, you will find a way to persevere through it and find light again.

“Your Unfailing Love”

The melody of this song gives me a folksy kind of vibe. It’s comforting thinking of a family just sitting around all playing different instruments and singing together. That unity is missing in so many activities today.

“Come Thou Fount”

This song is peaceful, yet still feels powerful as The Scott Family’s voices rise and fall with the melody of this traditional hymn.

“Ain’t No Grave”

Featuring Ricky Skaggs, Sharon White and Cheryl White, this song closes the album with messages of hope that are reflected throughout the album. One final reminder that you can rise above whatever trials you are going through because there “ain’t no grave that can hold you down.”

Hillary Scott’s voice is no doubt powerful when she’s singing with Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood as Lady Antebellum. However, this new album is a blessing in itself because it shows a vulnerable and highly personal side of her life as The Scott Family joins her on many tracks. I really felt inspired after listening to this whole album and I hope you find something just as enjoyable when you take the time to listen yourself!

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