Hockey Tonk’n with Country Music’s Biggest Stars

Personally I am a dedicated hockey fan and am super excited about the Chicago Blackhawks vs. Nashville Predators National Hockey League Stanley Cup Playoffs match up this year, and it got me thinking…

What if it were up to our favorite Country Music Stars to choose the NHL Stanley Cup Champion based on their support for each team? That would be some serious Hockey Tonk’n!

Is Luke Bryan a Blackhawks fan? How cool is this custom jersey he’s wearing?

Luke Bryan country music

Blackhawks: 1

Keith Urban and wife Nicole Kidman have been spotted cheering at numerous Predators games!

Keith Urban Nicole Kidman country music

Predators: 1

Mr. Cole Swindell rocked out at Joe’s Bar in Chicago, and he sported none other than a Blackhawks jersey!

Cole Swindell country music

Blackhawks: 2

Dierks Bentley was all smiles when he received his custom Predators jersey!

Dierks Bentley country music chat

Predators: 2

Dustin Lynch might have become a Blackhawks fan! He dressed up in goaltender gear and posed next to (but respectfully not ON) the Blackhawks logo.
Dustin Lynch Country Music hockey blackhawks

Blackhawks: 3

Who can resist the gorgeous Carrie Underwood, decked out in Predators fan-wear? But wait. Is this fair considering that her husband is a Predator? We’ll let you have the vote this time, Carrie.

carrie underwood country music chat

Predators: 3

Charlie Daniels We couldn’t really be hockey tonk’n without mentioning Mr. Charlie Daniels, jamming out in his Predators gear!

charlie daniels country music hockey

Predators: 4

The verdict is in because it’s MUSIC CITY and based on our hockey tonk’n country stars, it looks like it’s the PREDS for the win (this time).

HERE ARE SOME BONUS PICS…because it’s Vince Gill and Jason Aldean

vince gill

jason aldean predators country music

What teams have you Hockey Tonk’n about them? Tell us with hashtags #CMchat and #HockeyTonkn!

Author: Tiera Bolt

Mix 1 part momma + 1 part writer + 1 part hairstylist. Add the love of laughter, adventure, and caffeine. Blend well with a passion for country music and hockey. Sprinkle with sass, and that's me.

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