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AND it was another really big week here at Country Music #CMchat! Our team is growing; we now have two amazing interns, as well as a salesperson, and a manager/agent (well, I do anyway!). I am happy to be expanding and creating a legacy of we. Everyone works very hard around the clock to follow what’s going on and bring you creative, original content.  

In case you didn’t know, all of this has been my full time job for nearing on 7 years this December (#CMchat is only 3 1/2 years old). That includes being me, this blog, hosting #CMchat/Twangout, hosting outside events, corresponding, consulting, etc. I love the notes people send me and I am such a big believer in the “you gotta give it away to keep it” motto when it comes to learning. With that said, this is my full-time job, how I put roof over my head, food on the table, gas in the tank, and money in the bank. There are people on my team who do full-time social media management and I do private consulting on a per project basis, depending on the client or the project. I am very aware of what my sphere of knowledge is and only take projects I know I can slay. 😉

Now to be a little bit of tease….I will be in New York on Monday and might just be hanging out with this guy somewhere….

richard branson

….and then just plain bragging ’cause we’ll be doing a Twitterivew with this guy…

clint black quote

Hope you will join the conversation!


Last week’s #WhoseBoots? were from Brantley Gilbert’s feet! Congratulations to our winner Lin Alayna!! She won a $150 gift Certificate to GypsySoule!


#WhoseBoots is much tougher this week, but I think if you take a gamble you might just figure out who this Hall-of-Famer is!

This week’s Digital Duel….

Country Music #CMchat Wrap-Up

We had 19x #1 Songwriter Dallas Davidson as our Country Music #CMchat guest on Monday night. Not only did Dallas give us one of our favorite quotes of all time:

But he also dropped a bomb (and a bun???) on his fans, as well as our Country Music Chat team and followers! What big announcement did Dallas make during his #Twitterview? Find out here!   Dallas wasn’t the only awesome guest we had this week on Country Music #CMchat …….. !  Sonia Leigh joined us for a Humpday Hookup Hangout we like to call Twangout.    


            • Big & Rich is releasing its new album on Tuesday, September 23rd (Big & Rich will also be joining us for a Country Music #CMchat #Twitterview on Monday, September 29th) and Nicole Piering wrote an amazing review of Gravity. You can read Nicole’s review here.


            • Dallas Davidson our #CMchat guest dropped some news on us, as I mentioned above. You really do need to see what Dallas shared with us (in case you skipped that link above!). Check out the EXCLUSIVE information we got from Dallas here.



            • Miranda Lambert in addition to traversing the entire nation, she had the entire nation crying with her when a video of one of her recent performances went viral. Check out Miranda’s emotional tribute here.


            • Meghan Trainor made her way to our site twice this week. Not only did Mary Sarah cover Meghan’s hit song “All About That Bass,” but Meghan also released a cover of her own … Taylor Swift’s first pop single “Shake It Off.” Both of these posts are must-reads/must-watches/must-votes. Check out the Meghan/Mary Sarah post here and the Meghan/Taylor post here


            • Danielle Bradbery has been releasing cover videos lately and we cannot get enough of them! There have been eight so far and we heard through the grapevine she’s not quite done yet! Watch Danielle’s videos on our two posts here and here.




This week’s One to Watch was  Jasper, Texas Texan Michael Sarver. American Idol and also recently released his single “Missing You Something Crazy.” 


Big and Rich – Gravity Record, Big & Rich Records comes out 9/23

Kelsea Ballerini – Love Me Like You Mean It/Black River Ent.

Jon Pardi – When I’ve Been Drinking/Capitol

Katie Armiger – One Night Between Friends/Cold River

-Brittany Bexton – Free Fall/Indie Records

-Brad Puckett – Kiss Me In The Rain/Phoenix Records Nashville



How would like to be part of our Country Music #CMchat Cadre?  We’re always looking for writers, reviewers and street team members. If you’re in school and looking for an internship we have an accredited intern program. Find out more here.



HALLOWEEN is actually 10 days away cause I start celebrating as soon as it is October!

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