Hunter Hayes is making his new music feel wanted…

If you’re a hayniac then you know Hunter Hayes has been a busy boy in the studio….but don’t expect Hunter to give you any details. He told The Boot:

I’ll say this: I’m in the studio, and … when I’m in the studio, I’m very cautious about it because if there’s one thing that can destroy music being made, it’s any sort of agenda, expectation and/or schedule or any of that. Every time I’ve gone in to create music and felt free and felt like I was actually creating something, it’s turned out something I’m really proud of, so I try to keep that as a tradition. But I’m in the studio, so there you go.

Well…the details weren’t exactly what we were hoping from him. I mean…I understand his logic, but it doesn’t make wanting to know more about his music any less.

Author: Country Cadre

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