Jackie Lee

A former athlete, Jackie Lee always knew that music was his calling; even before he laced up his cleats for the first time.

Born and raised in Maryville, an eastern Tennessee town outside of Knoxville, Jackie found his love for music inside the four walls of his church. Possessing undeniable and immediately recognizable talent, Jackie piqued the interest of producer Carson Chamberlain at the age of six, graduating him from choir to recording studio overnight.

Being exposed to music on that level at such a young age made Jackie aware of the influences that surrounded him, finding inspiration from a wide array of artists, including, but not limited to, Faron Young, Bob Seger, and Justin Timberlake. This is also in large part due to his parents’ very distinct tastes in music — his father preferring traditional country music, while his mother favored 1980s pop.

As Jackie grew — both in age and in ability — he learned to play drums, piano, and guitar. As a teenager, he decided to expand his horizons and joined his high school baseball, basketball, and football teams. When the sports and music combination became too heavy of a load to bear, Jackie shelved his athletics and focused solely on music. Having already honed his crafts of singing and instrument playing, he began to seriously try his hand at songwriting, an effort that began with Carson Chamberlain issuing him a writing assignment.

When Jackie graduated high school, his road led him to the place he always knew it would — Nashville, Tennessee. It wasn’t long before he signed a recording contract with Republic Nashville; a deal that proved to be fruitless. However, Jackie wasn’t ready to give up on himself or his talent. Falling in love with a demo of the song “She Does,” Jackie waited patiently to find out if Kenny Chesney would ultimately record the song that Jackie believed could change his career. Lucky for Jackie, the track was passed on and later became his first release under his new and current record label, Broken Bow Records. Jackie’s debut single soon thereafter found itself on the Billboard Country Airplay charts.

“She Does” opened the doors for Jackie and, since its premiere, he has made his Grand Ole Opry debut and is working on his first studio album. In true full circle fashion, Jackie’s lifetime mentor, Carson Chamberlain, will have his hand in producing the project, which contains six songs penned by Jackie.

Throughout Jackie’s journey, he has taken the good with the bad, never losing his optimistic outlook on the career about which he dreamed since he first discovered music. And Jackie’s dream now? It’s simply to keep on moving onward and upward, making each hope his reality.

I never knew my papaw, but my dad talks about him all the time. He used to say, “It doesn’t cost a bit more to dream big than to dream little.” People on my team tell me, “You need to get your expectations right, but I say, “I’ll let you guys do that. I’m going to reach for the stars.”

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Listen to Jackie Lee’s “She Does”

Jackie Lee


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