#CMchat Exclusive Interview with Jacob Davis

It’s always a good day when a friend says to me “Hey I was just at a concert to see (name of artist) and I really enjoyed it. You should check them out.” Especially if they’re a newer artist and their name isn’t widely known yet. Enter Jacob Davis.

This talented singer/songwriter, originally from Louisiana and now living in Nashville, is going to have a heck of a career. He’s got the voice, the looks, and a seriously awesome band to back him up on the stage and off. He’s also got an incredibly dedicated fan base known as the #jacobdavissquad. As luck would have it, Davis was scheduled to open for Drake White at the Dusty Armadillo in Rootstown, Ohio recently so the decision to make the 3 hour drive was immediate for me.

I wanted to be a little humorous and bring the guys a gift since it was a Halloween show and all, so I brought them some assorted mini chocolate bars. Little did I know that they had never heard of Crispy Crunch, Mr. Big, Wunderbar or Caramilk so they had priceless reactions to the Canadian candy to say the least (and a positive review after taste testing a few). Here’s a little more about Davis and his band.


When did you decide singing and songwriting would be your full time career?

I guess 2011 was the year that singing became my full time career. I went to college and got a degree in geology so I worked at an oil and gas company after college. After being there for a year, I knew I had to make a change in my life. I moved to Nashville two months later.

You and the band seem real close, like brothers. How did the band form?

Well I knew Teddy through a bible study and a couple of the other guys through my younger brother. I think of the guys here now, Caleb and I are the original members and we were playing a show where Teddy and Rabbit were in the audience, and then Teddy brought Kevin in after that.

So where did you start out playing?

*laughs* Our first rehearsal was actually at Teddy’s church. Our first show was at The Basement in Nashville.

How many miles are on your current tour van?

*throws out a very specific random number* It’s somewhere in the realm of 84,000 miles I think. I write with a couple of the guys from Old Dominion and one time they called me up and said they knew we were looking for a bigger vehicle to travel with so they told me to make an offer. I did. They accepted it and we’ve been going with it ever since.

What’s the most personal song you’ve ever written?

“Daddy’s Dream” for sure. That’s a true story.

Does melody or lyrics usually come first for you while you’re writing songs?

Hmm…I have to go with lyrics. I do lyrics first and then the melody after that.

What have you learned from opening for artists such as Old Dominion, Sam Hunt, Drake White and others?

There’s a lot actually. I guess one of the biggest things is how to keep the pace of a show. You know we do maybe 45 minutes right now and just watching how to keep the pace and energy up for an hour and a half is definitely cool. We actually got a chance to write with Old Dominion one night while they were out on the Kenny Chesney tour so we learned from him too.

Caleb: We’re definitely still new to the whole process and working on in-ear communication a lot. I’m still working on managing the show from the drummer’s point of view.

What was your reaction to hearing “Something To Remember You By” on Sirius XM The Highway for the first time?

This is going to sound really cheesy but there are no words to describe it. *pauses* It’s extremely gratifying. You can just tell it’s your song by the first chord when it comes on. I was actually traveling in the car at the time, good thing I didn’t get into a wreck.

Any pet peeves from fans yet?

*laughs* Nah, we haven’t had anything like that yet. We honestly enjoy talking to the fans too much and getting feedback from them. Artists can really get trapped in their own minds, sometimes criticizing little things they could be doing differently during a show so getting positive feedback from fans really pushes us to keep getting better.

Have you heard about Jacob Davis yet? If you haven’t, I highly recommend you check out his music and buy his current single “Something To Remember You By” on iTunes. Let me know what you think of it on twitter @KCarib.

You can find Jacob Davis on Facebook, Twitter and JacobDavisMusic.com.

Author: Kristen Diotte

I've been known to spend hours in historically preserved buildings. I travel internationally to support musicians I believe have changed my life. I hope to one day work for a company that is both historical and musical.

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