Beachin’ Country a la @JakeOwen

Jake Owen sings it best:

“And it’s sunshine, blue eyes, tan lines, so tight
Rollin’ white sand, cold can, koozie in my hand, just a summertime strollin’
Chillin’, breazin’, sippin’, singin’ whoaoaoh

When the weather calls for 80 degrees and a slight breeze people flock to tropical destinations such as Florida. It appears this past weekend several artists decided to head south to soak up some sunshine.


In case you missed it, Jake Owen goes “Beachin” on The Bobby Bones Show as part of #pimpinjoy. Watch here:

Video for Beachin’ filmed at Daytona Beach boardwalk:

jake owen days of gold beachin

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More about Jake Owen

Jake Owen became a star so quickly that he didn’t have time to memorize any Country Music Rule Book – which made it that much easier to toss it out the window.

Guided by sheer musical instinct, a drive for self-improvement and a willingness to experiment, the singer-songwriter has crafted Barefoot Blue Jean Night as one of the most innovative and refreshing country collections of the year. The CD’s title tune is already exploding as the biggest hit of Owen’s career to date.

“I never wanted to be the guy that did everything the way you’re supposed to do it,” says the candid and outgoing music maker. “And that led me to make this record, which I think really represents who I am more than anything I’ve ever recorded. If nothing else happens after this, I can honestly say that I did the absolute best that I can do. I’ve never felt this good about music, or anything in my career, as I do right now.”

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