Song Review: Jake Owen #RealLife

The first thing that came to my mind when I heard Jake Owen’s new song “Real Life” was CAKE. Not the kind you eat, but the band. Heard of them? The style of this song reminds me of Cake lead singer John McCrea’s sarcastic lyrics and deadpan voice. It’s a really interesting style for Jake Owen that definitely doesn’t sound like anything else out there or anything he’s done before. It’s also a glimpse into his new album and new style we’re told to expect.  I can’t quite wrap my earballs around it yet stylistically, as it being a country music radio release kind of song, but what is these days and this will definitely be getting spins coast-to-coast.  I am loving the song as is and pretty sure it will become a big part of my ‘summer of 2015’ soundtrack.

“Well I grew up in a real town. Where the prom queen had a plastic crown. And we really did just drive around. ‘Cause there wasn’t sh!t to do,” sings Jake Owen in the opening lines from “Real Life.”

It’s got real truth and meaning behind the lyrics, not just a party song, it’s a story about the humility of real life growing up in a small town and like I said, it’s real similar to McCrea’s sardonic undertones. It also reminds me a bit of Kenny Chesney’s “American Kids”, although that is super Country instrumentally, but these are similar in the ‘talking diddy ballad song’ err whatever you call these thing. (Is there a word for this style?) 

I think this is my favorite lyric from the song:

“We find real love, get real hurt. Fall real hard, shake off the dirt. Pray to God, let’s make a deal. I guess it just got real.”

Like I said, I like this song. Do you?  I really have music taste that is all over the place, kinda why I don’t normally do reviews cause I tend to be really out of the box and lean towards fusion country as often as “pure country” as do heavy metal and rap. But at the end of the day my heart just wants to hear a story I can relate to, and if it has traditional country music elements like banjo, steel guitar, fiddle, harmonica. This has  what I like. How about you?

I’ll be really interested to hear (or see rather) what you think you can comments below, hit me up on Twitter easily by clicking here: @JessicaNorthey.

PS I really LOVE the Single Cover Art, it’s really cool looking. Check it out below.

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Jake Owen “Real Life” Lyrics

Well I grew up in a real town
Where the prom queen had a plastic crown
And we really did just drive around
‘Cause there wasn’t sh!t to do
We didn’t know we were real broke
Daddy rolled them real smokes
We drank RC, no real Coke
But our neighbor had a pool

We got green grass and two trees
Whoa oh oh oh oh
But it ain’t like what’s on TV
Whoa oh oh oh oh
This is real life in the real world
We ain’t talking to no models
We got real girls
We get real low, we get real high
It ain’t all good baby but it’s all right
Real life

We got a dive bar
With a real band, they play too loud
And they’re real bad
But we’re real boys so we still dance
And we stay out way too late
Hit the Waffle House for some real food
But that waitress, she’s real rude
She got real problems but we do too so we tip her anyway

That’s just the way that it is Whoa oh oh oh oh
That’s just the way that we live Whoa oh oh oh oh
This is real life in the real world
We ain’t talking to no models
We got real girls
We get real low, we get real high
It ain’t all good baby but it’s all right
Real life
Yeah we’re livin’ real life

We find real love, get real hurt
Fall real hard, shake off the dirt
Pray to God, let’s make a deal
I guess it just got real
We get real low, we get real high
It ain’t all good baby but it’s all right
Real life
This ain’t no fairy tale, it’s real life


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