Jake Owen Concert Review – Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore’s 93.1 WPOC hosted their annual Sunday In The Country on October 5, 2014. The line up included The Cadillac Three, Cassadee Pope, Chase Rice, Eli Young Band & headlining act Jake Owen. Every year country fans in the Baltimore area plan and prepare for this day. The weather was perfect for tailgating and even more perfect for an awesome country music concert.

The Cadillac Three was first to take the stage. They performed in true rock star style. They had strong stage presence and their teamwork is like no other. They are a perfect fit. They performed songs like “Party Like You” and “All About The South.” They delivered a flawless performance.

Cassadee Pope brought a fresh sound to the line up. Her vocals are incredible and her style is unique. The crowd sang along to “Wasting All These Tears” and she seemed to be enjoying herself.

Chase Rice is where the party really got started. You could see fans making their way to their seat right before he went on stage. No one wanted to miss his performance. He continues to improve vocally and amazes me every time. I would love to see him do some more ballads and get emotional with his music. Other than that, he did what he does best…perform.

Jake Owen Chase Rice

By the time the Eli Young Band took the stage, there was a lot of anticipation for Jake Owen. Also, the Baltimore Orioles were playing and everyone was patiently waiting to check the score. In the middle of Mike Eli telling the crowd a story about one of their songs, he got interrupted by the entire venue shouting “Let’s Go O’s” over and over. I found it very rude but he laughed it off by saying, “Hey I’m from Texas but I get it!” Once he began to sing “Drunk Last Night” the crowd then turned their focus onto the band. They delivered a good performance, however, there were some technical issues at stake. The band overpowered Mike Eli’s vocals. Also, he seemed to have a moment where he forgot the lyrics to Lynard Skynard “Gimme Three Steps.” The best part of their set was when they performed “Even If It Breaks Your Heart.” It was very powerful and emotional. Overall, they did a wonderful job.

Headlining act Jake Owen delivered one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. I expected a good show but what I got wasn’t great, it was brilliant. From the opening song “Days Of Gold” to him ending with “What We Ain’t Got” it was filled with energy and passion. Jake’s entire set was full of surprises, talent and skill. He commanded the stage with confidence and grace. His vocals? Pristine. Pure. He knows his limit and he stays there. His ability to interact with fans and still carry out a flawless performance is unreal. As the band started to play “Alone With You” he handed a girl in the front row a drumstick as he mouthed “Happy Birthday” and gave her a thumbs up. It was in true Jake Owen fashion. He has been known to Skype with fans in his free time and even brings them on stage to perform with him. Part of his set list included a Drake cover titled “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Genius. He made it his own and I enjoyed it much better than the original. Jake may have fallen short based on the nominations for the CMA awards which will air November 5th on ABC, however, I have a feeling it won’t be long until his name is right beside Entertainer Of The Year. Jake Owen is one of a kind and I still have goose bumps to prove it.

Jake Owen Baltimore

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Author: Brittany Vance

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