[email protected] Premieres Emotional #WhatWeAintGot Music Video (Watch!)

In a song that will make you melt, regroup, and melt again, Jake Owen shows off a more emotional side than he has in other songs of late. In our previous review of “What We Ain’t Got,” we described the track as an introduction

to a completely stripped down, vulnerable [Owen] that sings with desperation distinct from that in previous singles such as “Alone with You” and “Anywhere with You.”

The video beautifully supports this description, as the production shows Owen sitting alone in a secluded room, pouring himself into his lyrics while the camera alternates showing others whose faces express undeniable pain. While the song speaks about a loved one that Owen lost and his desire to bring her back, the people featured in the video are all emotionally spent for various reasons as they long for something they don’t have.

A music video of tearjerking proportions, we are introduced to a cancer patient who reveals her bald head beneath a wig, a young child clinging tightly to a folded American flag, a young girl confined to a wheelchair, and a man confined to prison. Each person has his or her own story of suffering, regret, and that nagging want for what he or she ain’t got, expressed solely through their eyes creating windows to their broken souls.

In discussing the video, Owen explained: “It’s such an important song in my career so we put a lot of effort into making the video as good as the song.” The effort paid off, as the video perfectly complements and does the song the justice it deserves.

Watch Jake Owen’s “What We Ain’t Got”

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