Concert Review: Jana Kramer – Columbus, OH

At a time when the prevalence of women in country is being highly criticized, it was reassuring to witness one woman prove that they aren’t going anywhere. Jana Kramer is at the top of her game and has been impacting radio waves with her new single “I Got the Boy.” I have always enjoyed seeing Kramer live ever since I saw her open for Blake Shelton on the Ten Times Crazier Tour. Her performance last night blew all the previous shows out of the water. The energy she brought to The Bluestone in Columbus, Ohio was off the charts.

jana kramer

She opened the show with “Boomerang,” a fast paced song with an upbeat tempo. That one song is all it took for her to have the crowd wrapped around her finger. She isn’t an artist that takes the stage and sings several songs and leaves. She makes sure each person has the best experience possible, by grabbing every hand reaching for her, taking selfies with every single person in the front row, responding to people trying to get her attention, and signing autographs for anyone after the show. She exceeds all of your expectations. She covered Shania Twain’s “Man I Feel Like A Woman” and made a point to involve the crowd. Jana sang maybe two verses, while the rest was being belted into the microphone by enthusiastic fans.

jana kramer

The middle of her set consisted of one of the most diverse medley’s I have ever heard. She started with Hozier’s “Take Me To Church,” transitioned to “Cool Kids” by Echosmith, and then finished with Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” It was a very cool moment and the crowd enjoyed every second.

A sentimental moment of the show came when Kramer introduced a song that she wrote while on One Tree Hill, “I Won’t Give Up.” The intro was her rally cry for people to never give up on themselves. She made it clear that if you come to a point and think that everyone gave up on you, you’re wrong. She will never give up.

She was sure to save the best for last. As soon as Kramer broke out into the first line of “I Got The Boy,” all you could hear was the crowd singing right along. This is the only indication you need, to know that women are needed and wanted on country radio. Everyone in attendance knew the words to that song. She followed it with “Why Ya Wanna” and the crowd responded the same way. Her show was executed flawlessly from beginning to end. Jana Kramer is a perfect example as to why we like tomatoes in our salads.

Watch Jana Kramer’s “I Got the Boy” video

click on pic to get Jana Kramer I Got the Boy

jana kramer

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