Join @JanelleOArthur for a #CMchat Twitterview on 6/23

#CMchat is excited to announce that we will have Janelle Arthur for a Twitterview on Monday June 23rd at 6pPT/9pET. To participate in the Twitter Chat, just use #CMchat in your tweets or the link right here on our website.

Janelle Arthur is perhaps best known, at this time, as a contestant from Season 12 of American Idol. A true beauty, inside and out, the Tennessean country singer and guitarist left her life behind and embarked on the journey that so many hope to experience, but few ever will. After placing fifth in a season of one of the most epic singing competitions to ever land on American television, Janelle has been hard at work launching her solo career.

janelle arthur

Because of the continued support of the people she met along the way as she traveled down the Idol path, Janelle has been afforded opportunities that once seemed like mere dreams. Janelle has already performed at the Grand Ole Opry and has been spent significant time writing with several Nashville-based songwriters. Janelle is hopeful that the writing she is currently doing is for a potential album, as she was fortunate enough to be signed with 19 Management following her stint on Idol (which is not a guarantee to any of the contestants on the show).

Janelle adamantly believes that it is important to never give up on your dreams or “let other people’s opinions take you down.” Janelle encourages people to “keep going” and that “things will happen if they’re meant to because you have to have that belief in yourself even if people don’t believe in you. Even if you have your heart set on one door, that may not be the door you’re supposed to go through, and if you keep yourself open, then the right door will open for you. You’ll find it along the way.”

We are so happy that Janelle found the right door for her and we are excited to learn more about this up and comer, and your #CMchattys #MustFollowFemale during our Monday night, June 23rd, #CMchat!

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