Rest easy….Jason Aldean and fiancee Brittany Kerr will NOT be eloping…


If you were hopping on a plane to Vegas in hopes of wedding crashing Jason Aldean and Brittnay Kerr’s wedding here’s some advice….don’t.

Gossip Cop put the fire out on that rumor fairly quickly. Apparently the people over at Life & Style were claiming the freshly engaged couple were gonna high tail it off somewhere away from the online haters and get hitched.

The magazine also claimed they had a “source.” That never seems to end well in the ol’ gossip department when something is coming from a “source.” Just saying. But anyway, this “source” said they were wanting a smaller shin dig because anytime they try and do anything publically they get tons of online back lash. Well….duh? You’re a celebrity. You could be saving the world’s last puppy and someone would find something wrong with it.

Anyway….the couple does NOT have plans to elope.  I don’t think a little online back lack would stop Mr. Aldean from doing what he wanted, when he wanted…would you?

Until next time…this lid is closed-CMChatter Box

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