Jason Aldean to take down his music from Spotify?!

Hot of the heels of Taylor Swift’s huge announcement that she is stripping her music off Spotify for reasons that include the fact the producers, writers and team behind making that music just doesn’t see enough benefit from it, Mr. Jason Aldean is taking his new album Old Boots, New Dirt off the mega popular streaming site too.

This news does not come without controversy. While you have many in the industry applauding the fact two of the biggest names in music right now are taking a stand, you’ve got those fans that are not happy about the idea they are going to have to step up and buying the songs and/or albums rather than stream them.

There are certainly two sides to this story no matter how you cut it. And while I may not say this very rarely…I am on Jason Aldean’s side. Good for him for taking a stand to actually do some good for the music industry.

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