Jennifer Squared (@JenniferNettles & @IAMJHUD) Releases @OwnTV Duet #YouWill (Listen!)

“You will” never believe what happens when you put Baby Girl and Dreamgirl together for a one-time recording event. Jennifer Nettles and Jennifer Hudson recently teamed up and lent their voices in a collaborative effort to Oprah Winfrey’s Network (“OWN”), creating a soulfully inspirational track with two very distinct, yet complementary voices.

“You Will” encourages people to never give up and always push through adversity with the realization that a positive mind frame is the first step to winning every battle. Applying a true mind over matter mentality, the Jennifers re-instill the belief in listeners that having faith and trust in yourself is the golden ticket to a fulfilling life. The inspirational chorus boasts:

Own every breath, own every minute, go live a life that’s got no limit. Only one thing you need to know, just never think, just never think you won’t. And you will, and you will, and you will. You will.

Though Jennifer Nettles and Jennifer Hudson possess two very separate styles, the combination of their vocals is perfect blend of country and bluesy soul. The pairing, albeit somewhat questionable┬áin inception, proves to be absolutely genius in execution. The team of Jennifer Squared shows that two genres and two independent approaches can successfully come together with one very critical component in common (other than first name) — undeniable vocal talent.

Listen to Jennifer Nettles’ & Jennifer Hudson’s “You Will”

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