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With two critically acclaimed releases in the past, I was nervous to hear where Jerrod Niemann had taken his sound with his latest release, High Noon. For those fans who have been anxiously awaiting the new music, the disc is full of the magic that we have heard from Jerrod in the past. The Kansas native has had songs cut by Garth Brooks, Jamey Johnson, and Neal McCoy in addition to many others. It’s no surprise that he put pen to paper for this album. Jerrod Niemann has co-written 8 of the 13 tracks that made the record. With every record, Jerrod brings a different sound – this record has been said to have four people accredited to the sound. Jerrod, producer Jimmie Lee Sloas, songwriter Lance Miller, and engineer ‘Corky’. Alls I know is that I approve of whatever made the sound the way it is.

‘Space‘ starts the record on a strong note. The song focuses on getting a little alone time to think things through – “Anywhere dust can fly and leave a trail in the sky/just need a little space”. The track feels as though it leads you on a journey through space. Maybe there was a little too much space as Jerrod describes the ‘I Can’t Give in Anymore‘ as “that moment when you realize you need to move on from something unless things are going to get better—that point in time to either say goodbye or fix it.” The most country cut on the record, it happens to be an early favorite as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear the sweet sound of the pedal-steel on the radio before this album has had it’s hay-day.

If the title, High Noon, tells you anything about the disc, it’s that the party has been brought. You’ve probably heard the Top 10 hit, ‘Drink to That‘ that is blaring in college basements and blaring through radios at the same time. The disc provides other songs to get you buzzed as well. If you were looking for the next ‘Red Solo Cup’, Jerrod has provided you with ‘Donkey’. There are a few Warren Brother cuts on the album, but this was actually the work of Kellie Pickler’s hubby Kyle Jacobs. The song comes with donkey sounds and all! If you have a sense of humor, the song is actually pretty funny second time-round. It tells the tale of a man who’s car breaks down, so he gets a ride by nothing other than a mule. After giving the song a listen, you might need some ‘Day Drinkin”.

With a massive hit like ‘Lover, Lover’ it’s no surprise the disc has it’s fair share of love. ‘Buzz Back Girl‘ is sure to be a roll the windows down, wind through your hair summer song. It’s the non-alcoholic kind of buzz that Niemann is high on throughout the song. “Come On, Come On” brings a more laid back look at love. Lyrically, the song is simple, but you don’t need a million words to describe what is happening throughout the track “Come on and lay on back/Kick your shoes off/And sing along”. How does a seven wind up with an eleven? That’s the million dollar question in ‘Lucky #7‘. The song explores how a lucky #7 got paired with that eleven that he doesn’t deserve.  The theme is also prevalent in  60’s sounding ‘The Real Thing‘. “I ain’t i it for love, I’m in it for your brain, yeah I’m in it for your body, yeah I’m here for the real thing”.  ‘Beach Baby‘ is perfect for any backyard barbecue! I can already hear this song jamming around as a song of summer.  The album closes with a song featuring Colt Ford.  It leaves with the same spacey feeling that the album starts with.  I was left wanting more!  High Noon has been on repeat since I have gotten it and is sure to be a favorite among fans and new listeners.

Overall Grade: “A-” – The album takes the best of Jerrod’s past two records and builds on ’em. Whether you are looking to get drunk, cure a heartache, or just have a damn good time, Jerrod covers all the bases. I can see a few hits coming from this release with the rest of the songs well worth hearing.

Scotty’s top tracks: ‘Space’, ‘I Can’t Give in Anymore’, ‘Day Drinkin”, ‘Beach Baby’

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You can pre-order Jerrod’s Album on itunes NOW and it releases March 25. Make sure you check out his “Journey to High Noon” website.

Jerrod Niemann High Noon

 Check out Journey To High Noon and be sure to catch Jerrod on the Keith Urban “Raise ‘Em Up” tour along with Brett Eldredge. 

Jerrod Niemann on Twitter and enjoy his current single.

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