Cherlene, @ArcherFX Album Shooting Up iTunes Charts; Interview With Jessica Lynn Martens

The dark spy-centric comedy, Archer, has always been filled with unexpected twists but none quite like this season. The very first episode revealed quite a different career for the mentally unstable secretary Cheryl. She would become the next country superstar, Cherlene.

Cheryl’s character continues to be voiced by Judy Greer. (Arrested Development) but they turned to Orlando native, Jessica Lynn Martens, for her singing voice. Along with the show twist, creators announced they would be releasing an Archer soundtrack later in the season. Country Music Chat sat down with Jessy to talk about this unique project.

Started young

Jessy Lynn Martens began classical violin lessons when she was 5 years old. She possessed a natural talent and charisma that gained national attention early on. By the age of 8, Jessy was traveling the country playing bluegrass festivals with greats such as Bill Monroe and Chubby Wise. She laid fiddle tracks on her first studio recording for a bluegrass band before her 10th birthday.

Jessica Martens Chubby Wise Cmchat


The concept was pitched to Jessy by her dear friend Kevn Kinney (Drivin ‘n’ Cryin). She had toured with Kevn throughout Belgium and Holland a couple years back and they developed a great relationship. Originally the plan, derived by show creator Adam Reed and Kinney, was for her to play fiddle and mandolin for the record but at some point she laid down some scratch vocals. Back in Florida she received a call to come back and sign a contract as they were going to release the vocalist and use hers. Jessy said the entire process was so incredibly fun to be a part of and such an honor.

Song Favorites

They are all so different but have a rootsy undertone to them.

“Midnight Blues” written by Aaron Tasjan has a pop feel and seems to be an early favorite.

“Gypsy Woman” showcases a sexier feel with dark vocals.

“Danger Zone” very cool to have a recording engraved with the multi award winning Kenny Loggins. There is an extra level of excitement having his name attached.

Jessica Martens Kenny Logins Cmchat

Memorable Moments

The entire process was really laid back and amazing. A standout moment was an interview that will eventually be released with Adam and I going back and forth, between shots of Jack Daniels and champagne.


This project has opened many doors. We are moving to Nashville to work on a couple of really big projects and details will be revealed as they are available.

Reviews Rolling In

Cherlene already has a 5 star rating and climbed to 33 on iTunes Top Albums Chart.

“Whether it’s uptempo tracks or slower ones, a countrified cover of an 80’s hit or an original track, Martens scores with her clear and compelling vocals that will hopefully garner her some further recognition. She perfectly performs an assortment of songs that wipes the floor with the generic pop soundtracks we’re sadly too used to these days.” Starpulse

“That album isn’t a Lonely Island-type gag. It’s real country music, and early fans have been pleasantly surprised that it’s, well, actually musical.

“Legitimately good country songs on this. I bought this as a joke and I’m confused as to why the music is actually good,” one reviewer, blackersnacks, writes.” Eric Levenson, The Wire

“I didn’t believe that they could turn Danger Zone into a country song, which makes it even funnier” Kenny Loggins

archer fx cherlene

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