“In The Meantime” with Jessie Chris #Interview

Jessie Chris is an 18 year old powerhouse. Her album Wildfire includes amazing songs like “Roadtrip” and “Some Bridges Won’t Burn.” She is an inspiration to young women everywhere. She was the victim of bullying and now has made it her mission to bring awareness around the country. She has also performed for the Wounded Warriors and different children’s hospitals. She has used her wonderful talent to help others across the nation. I am so glad Jessie Chris took some time to answer some of my questions about her path to a country music career.

What got you into Country Music?

When I was 10 years old my brother got an electric guitar and he got frustrated with it. He was like how could anyone play this. I wanted to try, but I didn’t want his guitar — I wanted an acoustic. Then my guitar teacher, who is now my guitar player, got me into country music. He said my voice would sound good singing songs from people like Keith Urban.

What’s a song you wish you would’ve written?

Keith Urban’s “Wasted Time.” It’s such a fun summer song and I can’t understand how his hair is so good and his songs are so good!

Who would you want to collaborate/duet with?

Rascal Flatts. Definitely one of the first artists that I started listening to and that’s kinda how i got into singing.

What’s a song of yours that you love to sing?

“Butterfly” on my album. I wrote it as a surprise for my parents. It’s just a really special song for me and my family.

Who has had an influence on you musically?

One of my biggest role models as an artist is Tim McGraw. With all the fame and craziness in his life he’s always stayed “Humble and Kind.” He’s just a good role model anyone can look up to.

Since Jessie Chris is so involved with philanthropy, what philanthropy means the most to you and why? Tweet me @cassielynnwells

Jessie Chris’ latest single “In The Meantime” is available now on iTunes.

Jessie Chris In The Meantime

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