[email protected]’s #ClintEastwood Video Is a Family Affair (Watch!)

Recent Country Music #CMchat Twitterview guest, Jessie James Decker, released her new single “Clint Eastwood” only two weeks ago. Now, quicker than you can say “make my day,” the songstress has premiered a video to accompany the upbeat track about the ideal man.

Already a unique song with entertaining subject matter, Jessie takes the video to a new level, employing her own family and friends — including her New York Jets Wide Receiver husband Eric Decker, precious daughter Vivianne, and sister Sydney — as the main players in the production. Set in the middle of a field, complete with an aluminum trailer, the comedic video shows Eric Decker and his muscular friends strumming instruments, carrying babies, and tossing the football around, while the females relax on blankets with old fashion Coke bottles.

In the off season, Eric appears to have no qualms about taking his position on the set of a music video to support his wife, acting as the man of her dreams — or her very own Clint Eastwood. Not only does the video use Eric Decker as a very sexy prop, it likewise shows off the adorable relationship between the husband and wife.

The filmography alternates between black/white and color, creating a mixture of the past and present, in perfect synchronicity with the song. While Jessie is living very much in the present, she envisions a love with a man who bleeds of southern charm and western ruggedness, akin to somebody like the infamous Eastwood.

This music video is a flawless representation of who Jessie James Decker is as an artist and an individual, showing off her raw talent and fun-loving personality, all the while surrounding herself with the people she loves the most. Jessie’s single is a must-hear and the video will certainly bring you several minutes of sheer enjoyment.

Watch Jessie James Decker’s “Clint Eastwood” video

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