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Jessie James Decker has been releasing music single by single for the last couple of months, starting with a Christmas tune that had fans wondering what would be coming next from the country artist/reality television star and host. Fans needn’t wait any longer for the next song in Jessie’s repertoire, as she released her new single “Clint Eastwood” to iTunes last week.

“Clint Eastwood” is a song that reminisces on the southern man who existed years ago; a man whom, in the song, Jessie dreams of finding. Whether it’s a man who barges through a pair of saloon doors or a cowboy with a smoking gun, Jessie longs for the days of a good ole western-inspired fella who can “make [her] day.”

The track is incredibly catchy, consisting of Jessie’s sultry country vocals, the picking of strings, and a heavy-hitting chorus that bursts through the seams of the song like an active stick of dynamite. The chorus identifies Jessie’s fantasy about the kind of love she wishes to find:

The kind of love that takes you back in time, every time. If I could, I’d make them all Clint Eastwood.

With a song that is true to the genre, celebrating a time in history and honoring the melodic commonalities of pure country music while understanding and embracing the idiosyncrasies that are unique to this realm of music today, Jessie bursts back into the scene, reminding everybody where she started and where she intends to stay.

Listen to Jessie James Decker’s “Clint Eastwood”

Jessie James Decker Clint Eastwood

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