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You may know Jessie James Decker from her E! reality show Eric & Jessie: Game On, which co-stars her NFL Wide Receiver husband, Eric Decker. If that’s the case, you know Jessie the fiancée, Jessie the bride, Jessie the wife, and, more recently, Jessie the mother-to-be … but you are only just now scratching the surface of Jessie the country music artist. While E! certainly allows you to take an inside look at the girl behind the music and provides you with a few sneak peeks of the music behind the girl, there is no better way to acclimate yourself to Jessie than by listening to her new EP. Comin Home was released last week (hitting #1 on iTunes in its first day!) and we were fortunate enough to catch up with Jessie to talk about her music, reality show, marriage, and motherhood.

Jessie grew up knowing that music was a passion, but when she hit the ripe old age of nine and took the stage for a talent show, she realized music was also her life. Influenced by the likes of Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, Faith HillJanis Joplin, and Shelby Lynne, Jessie continued to work toward her goal, yodeling away the days and dreaming through the nights. By the time she was fifteen, Jessie began traveling back and forth between Nashville and her home state of Georgia in an effort to pursue a career in country music. During her trips to Nashville, Jessie was mentored by and began working with songwriters, and it wasn’t long before she was signing a record deal and sealing her fate.

Jessie released her self-titled debut full-length album in 2009 and followed the album with several single releases. However, it was only recently that Jessie’s sophomore compilation disc, an EP entitled Comin Home, was released. Despite the gap of time between Jessie James and Comin Home, Jessie assured us that she has been working long and hard on this EP.

It’s definitely an album I’ve been working on for a very long time and putting together, and I’m so happy that it’s finally done. It’s definitely got a combination of everything that I’ve been working on. It’s got a little bit of things about Eric and our relationship, and there’s a song on there I wrote about Vivianne and a lullaby for her. It’s just a new version of me. I put out an album five years ago as a nineteen, twenty year old and it’s just, you know, the progression. I’m a twenty-six year old now and I’m singing about things that a twenty-six year old would sing about. So, it’s something I’m really proud of and I hope my fans will relate to it.

While Jessie absolutely loves each and every track on her EP and is so excited for her fans to share in her enthusiasm, she couldn’t help but show a little favoritism toward two particular songs — “Breaking Your Heart” and “Comin Home.” Plainly and simply, Jessie describes “Breaking Your Heart” as “the best song I’ve ever written.” “Comin Home” has particularly special meaning to Jessie because it is about Eric and embodies the feelings she has about leaving home for work, but being able to return to him.

Having a new EP that truly defines Jessie at this point in her life is only one of her many career-related accomplishments. At this juncture, while Jessie is incredibly proud of the music she has written, recorded, and released, the most rewarding moment of her career thus far was performing for our troops in the Middle East (with Kid Rock). “That was so special to me and something I will never forget. I mean, that was such an incredible experience to be able to perform for our guys over there and see what they’re doing for us. It’s just amazing.”

Of course, Jessie is also quite proud of her E! reality television show Eric & Jessie: Game On, which follows Jessie and her husband, Eric, during their engagement, marriage, pregnancy, careers, and every day life. Jessie explained that it wasn’t a difficult transition between musician and reality show star, as being in front of the cameras just provided her the opportunity to introduce fans to a different version of herself. Where music is a more raw and emotional expression of one’s self, Jessie finds solace in being able to show off her more playful, fun-loving side.

You’re showing a different side of your personality. I mean, this is like the silly side. You gotta be open and honest about that, and I kinda like that because I felt like people could get to know me and would want to buy my music through that. I felt like it was a cool way of kinda showcasing my personality and how I’m relatable. You know, I’m just like a lot of the girls out there and I thought it would be a cool way to also have them want to listen to my music because they could relate to me on that level as well.

But, don’t let Jessie’s agreement to participate in a reality show fool you! This country singing newlywed and new mother is actually a lot more private and shy than you would imagine. Jessie shared that, while she is extremely friendly, she is not the type to walk into a room and demand attention. Contrarily, she prefers to enter quietly, sit back, and adjust to her surroundings.

With the album released, it is very much “Game On” for Jessie, as she anticipates spending time on the road this summer to promote her music. And Jessie definitely does not plan to wait another five years between albums this time, as she recently signed a publishing deal in Nashville and intends to begin the writing process in the very near future. Of course, once football season kicks off, Jessie will start commuting between New York and Nashville since Eric recently hung up his Broncos uniform in exchange for Jets gear.

Notwithstanding an immensely hectic schedule, complete with music, television, sports, and family life, Jessie is very much like every other girl out there. Though in the limelight, she has the same experiences “with love and work and being a new mom and trying to balance things.” That being said, the most important message Jessie can send to her fans and those who stumble upon this interview is that she wants

girls out there to feel confident in who they are and feel secure and love yourself and not be so hard on yourself. Because I see that so much with Twitter when girls reach out that they have such a hard time and are being bullied and feel insecure about themselves. I feel like through the show and through my music, I want girls to feel good about who they are and feel secure and feel confident. I feel like that’s kind of my message to people.

Jessie’s new EP Comin Home is currently available on iTunes. Don’t forget to also tune into E! Sunday nights at 10:00pm ET/9:00pm ET for a glimpse into the lives of Eric and Jessie. Additionally, Jessie would love to hear your feedback regarding her music, show, or anything you might have read in this interview that might have impacted you. You can reach Jessie on Twitter @TheJessicaJames and on Facebook.

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