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Baby! It’s Christmas … and it’s also our last celebrity Country Music #CMchat Twitterview of the year! Who better than Jessie James Decker to end a stellar 2014 with, considering she had such a notable year, filled with ups and, well, higher ups?!

Let’s take a second to gloss over a few of Jessie’s extraordinary moments of the past year. Jessie co-starred with her husband, Eric Decker (Wide Receiver for the New York Jets) on a reality show Eric & Jessie: Game On! on E!; the couple welcomed a baby girl, Vivianne, to the world; Jessie released her EP Comin’ Home under 19 Recordings; she walked the red carpet for the CMT Awards; the Deckers participated in the City of Hope celebrity softball game; Jessie released her holiday single “Baby! It’s Christmas”; and she started a new co-hosting gig with Steve “Stone Cold” Austin on CMT’s reality competition show Redneck Island.

Not a shabby year when you look at the past twelve months in a black and white, two-dimensional nutshell. In fact, it has been quite a spectacular 2014 for Mrs. Decker. So fantastic, we couldn’t wait to see how she was going to top it in 2015; but, rest assure, Jessie has her sights set on another memorable 365 days.

With the release of Jessie’s holiday song and video created of clips submitted by fans, we had a hunch the country artist/television star had some musical goals in the short-term. Were we on the right track? Read the tweets below to find out!

We also couldn’t wait to dig a little deeper and learn more about her experience on Redneck Island and standing alongside Steve “Stone Cold” Austin. Most importantly, Jessie told us she has, in fact, arm-wrestled Steve Austin … and she won. Like we ever doubted her! We also found out that if she was to get stranded on Redneck Island, she would want to have chapstick, face moisturizer, and a razor with her. We hope deodorant and toothpaste were a close fourth and fifth on the list!

What else happened during Country Music #CMchat’s final celebrity Twitterview of the year? Well, one fan had some fun with photoshop. Just when we thought we would escape the possibility of a little silliness tonight, Sarah (@sarahpatchkids3) proved us wrong with this piece of gold!

Don’t miss out on reading our very last Country Music #CMchat Twitterview tweet-by-tweet recap of the year! Thank you to Jessie for helping us “wrap-up” our year in a magical way!  

UH OH! Skipped! Sorry about your luck, Scotty!

Keep up with Jessie on her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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