#CMchat Exclusive: 11 Reasons to Check Out @JillandKate’s #ELEVEN

On February 17th, pop-country-folk duo Jill and Kate released their highly-anticipated album Eleven, aptly named to celebrate their 11 years of musical partnership. While the pair have traveled the world singing backup for the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Trace Adkins, the pair shine brightest when taking the spotlight on their own. With their deeply personal lyrics and unrivaled harmonies, Eleven serves as an extension of their already extensive and impressive musical catalog.


Country Music #CMchat recently had the chance to catch up with Jill and Kate, who shared 11 fun facts about Eleven.

1) It was produced by Dave Welsh who is the awesome guitar player in The Fray. We love their songs–they’re so catchy.

2) We recorded it during our eleventh year of working together.

3) The songs are some of our most personal songs that we’ve ever released.

4) It reached #88 on the iTunes Pop charts…and for indie artists like us, that’s HUGE! We are stoked!

5) We recorded all of the vocals in a bathroom. No joke. Check out Instagram (@jillandkate) for proof.

6) There were two mascots in the studio: both were cats. They were Dave’s cats. We’re not cat ladies, we swear.

7) Ben Wysocki played drums on two tracks. (That means that half of The Fray is present on two of our songs! We’re super fans!)

8) Have you been through a break-up recently? There are plenty of break-up songs for your aching heart. Seriously. “In Love Again” and “Nothing Makes Sense” are your go-to songs from the album.

9) When studio days were long, we were refueled with caffeine from Frothy Monkey (a local coffee house.) No, that was not a paid promotion…they just have good coffee 🙂

10) We recorded 9 songs for this project but only released 7. We felt like the 7 songs on Eleven told a coherent story. And come on, 7 Eleven? That’s just fun.

11) Eleven is a lucky number. We see it ALL the time. When it’s 11:11 you make a wish…so we hope you think of us the next time you do 🙂

Jill and Kate will be heading out on the road this spring and summer in support of Eleven. They also just announced that they’ll be making their country fest debut on the main stage at Wisconsin’s Country Thunder on July 26th.

Get a sneak peek at an early version of “In Love Again” from Eleven here!

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