Jillian Jacqueline aches hearts and cuts deep with her “Mess”

“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours,” the great Elton John once said. And Jillian Jacqueline does that, and more, with her latest release- “God Bless This Mess.”

This song, if anything, makes you hurt so much. But the best part of it? You don’t feel any pain since it’s all emotional. (Get it?)

Right from the get-go of the song, Jacqueline makes its intended audience known: the brokens, misfits, wannabes, diamonds that are never gonna leave the rough, and the rolling stones that are always stuck. Hey, haven’t we all been there before? Isn’t that all of us?

This piano-driven ballad has the ability to tug our heartstrings real hard. It ensures the opening of our flood gates and then provides healing beyond measure.   

Initially written by Jacqueline and Tofer Brown, “Mess” wasn’t complete until Lori McKenna (“Girl Crush,” “Humble And Kind“) stepped in with her songwriting prowess to bolster the emotive quality of the already-stellar song. 

Throughout the song, you’ll find yourself nodding to the universal experiences of rejection, doubt, uncertainty, fear that Jacqueline narrates in the verses. But it isn’t until the bridge that you’ll find a sense of closure and resolution to all the pain felt.

“Most of the time I forget to pray. But when I close my eyes I just say, God, bless this mess if this is as good as it’s gonna get.”

It’s something the fallible Christian that most, if not all of us are — except the “holier than thous” of course — can really resonate with. We’re all trying to emulate the virtues learned in church and hold on to our faith in this crazy life journey. But sometimes, we get knocked off track by “the hurting that comes without a warning,” lose sight of what’s important and can only lean on the salvation from God to pull us through “this mess.”

If you’re looking for a song to listen to the next time you throw yourself pity party at home (with your adult beverage of choice, of course), or take a much-needed reflective walk down the neighborhood, look no further. This track is a go-to, for sure. 

So Jillian (and Tofer and Lori), on behalf of every individual who has been touched, comforted and had their hearts ached by “God Bless This Mess,” thank you for releasing it to the world. 

Pick up Jillian Jacqueline God Bless This Mess on iTunes below by clicking on the pic.

Jillian Jacqueline God Bless This Mess

Author: Jeremy Chua

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