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Florida native Jimmy Stanley had a crooked road that lead him to Nashville and ultimately to the set of Crazy Hearts but he has never strayed from his original purpose…to share his undeniable passion for music.

Jimmy grew up on a small horse farm in Eustis, Florida. As the son of ministers, he began his “singing career” the way many do, in church. His early musical influences included George Strait,  Kris Kristofferson, and Keith Whitley. He began singing at a young age but didn’t pick up a guitar until he stepped on campus at Florida State University. During that time he played in college bars with a friend named Josh. When Josh, aka Jake Owen, got a record deal after 6 months, Jimmy thought “this singing stuff is easssssy” and headed to Nashville to chase his dreams.

Shortly after arriving in Nashville, Jimmy got a break of a different kind. He got a job bartending at the famous Bluebird Cafe where he could listen and learn from the cities most elite songwriters night after night. He made great friends in the business and started to find his own way.

When A&E came to Nashville to cast for Crazy Hearts they started with a large list of people and filtered it down. Jimmy’s name kept coming up. He had a small speaking role in the first season of Nashville and many people knew him. Once they met April Nemeth, Jimmy’s manager, they were sold and cast both of them for the show. Jimmy said there were times it was difficult to deal with the personal ups and downs on the show but he certainly has no regrets. The show has allowed Jimmy to showcase some of his music and he is genuinely grateful for that exposure.

The day his new single, “Say You Want Me” went to radio he had a brilliant idea. He was going to get the song tattooed on his arm. That all sounds great until April took out her phone and showed me where this went down. Picture a broken down trailer in the middle of nowhere with the words “Tattoo” in flashing red letters, half burnt out. It was all kinds of awesome…..and true.

Jimmy Stanley tattoo County Music chat

As crazy as he can be at times and as colorful the road that led him here, there is no doubt Jimmy is in this for the right reasons. He has a sincere passion to share his music. He says he’s been broke forever. Thats not what  is driving him. He just wants to get on stage and sing and have people singing his songs back to him. Simple but powerful dreams for a small town Florida boy.

“Say You Want Me” from Jimmy Stanley is available on itunes!

jimmy stanley say you want me

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