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During a recent South Florida show, Jo Dee Messina shared with her audience a brand new song she has been working on for her next album. A track that is on point with the final cut on Me, “Say Goodbye to Superman,” Jo Dee gorgeously croons about a man who takes a proverbial dance with the devil, only to leave loved ones in the destructive aftermath.

Though the song is not yet finalized and is still one which Jo Dee is perfecting, it is a thing of true beauty, artistry, and raw emotion that, if recorded today, as is, would transcend all modern music. Like “Superman,” the lyrics revolve around a family that is torn down and broken apart by a husband/father whose demons ranked supreme over his loved ones. The wife/mother is working to pick up the fallen pieces and put the puzzle back together in the wake of disaster, searching for the words to explain it all to the young victims of a selfish adult’s ways.

While the lyrics are specific to a familial matter and undoubtedly come from a parent to a child, the chorus will resonate well with anybody who feels left behind to sort through the figurative debris, littered by a person absorbed by his/her own struggles.

You chose to dance with the devil, now we’re left with the price to be paid, it’s sad you make your decisions not caring about those that you hurt on the way. And now I’m here left with the pieces to clean up this mess that you made, well some day I’ll have to explain, find the words to say you’re gone.

As always, Jo Dee is mesmerizing with her vocal talent, emotionally-driven performance, and ability to speak directly to her listeners’ hearts. This is one more reminder how very blessed we are to have an artist like Jo Dee Messina in our musical lives.

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