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We are only six weeks away from the release of Jo Dee Messina’s first studio album as an independent artist. Me promises to fulfill all of your musical cravings, as it contains the fun-loving country tunes you have come to love, as well as those big ballads that anybody with a true appreciation for moving music and stunning vocals can’t live without.

Slowing it down this week, we introduce you to a beautiful ballad on Jo Dee’s upcoming album, entitled “Say Goodbye to Superman.” The song is sung from a mother’s viewpoint and asks the all-too-common question of how does a mother explain to her young child that his father has chosen not to come home. In a society where divorce is the unfortunate norm, this song will certainly hit close to home for mothers, fathers, and children of divorcees alike.

From the opening strokes of the piano keys and the first words uttered by the incomparable Jo Dee (“I’m down on my knees trying hard to find answers …”), this song pulls you close while simultaneously tearing you apart. Jo Dee searches for a way to tell her son that his father isn’t the superhero he thought he was, and rather, he is just a man who fell victim to his own devices. Jo Dee hits her knees as she pleads for a way to pick up the pieces of her brokenhearted son. Of course, as a wife and mother left behind, Jo Dee prays to God that He will help her cope with the loss she also endured, crooning “Lord I need your strength to help me make it through because the man that was his Superman was my superhero too.”

As a product of divorced parents, this track brought me back to my childhood home and the trials and tribulations I witnessed and experienced within those four walls. It reminded me of the struggle of the parent who remains behind and is forced to take on multiple roles — mother, father, confidante, and pillar of strength. This track puts into perspective that a parent in a broken home is forced to put his/her own emotions aside to first care for young children who are affected by the choices made by the adults in the situation.

This song is, by far, a favorite of this particular writer’s … and not just on Me, but within Jo Dee’s entire impeccable catalog. I truly cannot wait for country music fans to get their hands on this album and be exposed to unforgettable songs like “Say Goodbye to Superman.” Jo Dee makes it clear with work like this that she is surely not an artist we are saying goodbye to anytime soon.

Listen to Jo Dee Messina’s “Say Goodbye to Superman”

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