“Get It On” with @JoeyHyde (Listen!)

If you subscribe to Sirius XM and frequent The Highway like this particular #CMchat writer does, you have heard Joey Hyde’s “Get It On” umpteen times. You have also stayed tuned in all umpteen times because the song is too much fun to miss!

If it is even possible to compare Joey’s vocal stylings and approach to country music to anybody else that is currently on your playlist, imagine if the guys from Florida Georgia Line and Brantley Gilbert had a baby. Now, erase that visualization from your mind, but imagine what the music would sound like if the three collaborated. Then, crank it up a notch, throw in some additional electricity, and you have Joey Hyde. Voila!

“Get It On,” Joey’s debut single, is quite simply a party song that celebrates drinking from the moment the sun comes up until the sun goes down. In his debut offering, Joey describes the simplicities of being at a good ole backyard party with friends, drink in hand. However, the song itself is far from simplistic, as it can be described as a combination of electric rock and country, creating complementary complexities that few artists have been able to provide so seamlessly.

The chorus, riddled with musical accompaniment and gritty vocals, encourages having a carefree, heckuva time.

Throw your cups in the air like hey! Everybody party like they just got paid! Pop the first top in the mornin’, gettin’ crackin’ all day if you wanna. Turn it up, baby, that’s my jam, break it down for me just like that. Feeling alright just singing along, gonna drink it all up ’til it’s gone. Let’s get it on.

The song appropriately ends with three words: “So. Much. Fun.” And fun this song is, indeed.

Joey’s debut album is expected to be released in Spring of 2015, and if he is coming out of the gate with this much gusto, I can only presume that the entire project will be one to keep on repeat during parties and tailgates. If you haven’t heard “Get It On” yet, listen below and prepare for an incredibly entertaining three plus minutes!

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