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Joey Hyde, who is a self-proclaimed “pretty normal dude,” crashed the country music party with “Get It On,” an anthem that has received a large amount of attention from Sirius XM The Highway and its listeners. However, it wasn’t always Joey’s plan to be the host of the party!

A former guitarist who played behind front men, Joey started honing his craft at the age of ten. When he first picked up his guitar, he did so with the intention of playing in his church’s band. This soon progressed from church to garage bands to school bands. When Joey was eighteen, he moved to Nashville to pursue a career in the art he had been practicing for most of his adolescence, and he did so without a backup plan. On having no Plan B, Joey simply stated, “I’m so dumb!”

Once arriving in Nashville, Joey played in honky tonks and bars with cover bands for a few years, eventually picking up some touring gigs as a guitarist. Experiencing gig life and tour life caused Joey to catch “the artist bug” and he ultimately decided “to switch over from being the ‘side guy guitar player’ to the artist.” Perhaps the greatest driving force for Joey’s move from the background to the forefront was his love for songwriting and desire to deliver that which he personally wrote.

It was just the fact that I was writing all these songs and then started creating a sound and a style that I honestly didn’t know I had in me. So, I wanted to discover what that could really look like if I really delved into it and became an artist singing them.

And what it really looks like with Joey as an artist is a unique approach to country music that can’t be classified into any one specific sub-genre. Joey attributes the eclectic nature of his sound to some of his musical influences. Growing up, his dad’s music collection was filled with rock ‘n’ roll, including musical acts such as: Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, and Ozzie Osbourne. Joey admits that he didn’t grow up in a home of country music, but once he moved to Nashville, he was catapulted into the scene. When he would get to the venues for his gigs, Joey would often be thrown a list of songs, consisting of the likes of artists ranging from Hank Williams to Jason Aldean. Suddenly country became what he was playing during sets and, soon thereafter, became his musical genre of personal choice as well. “Very quickly all the presets in my car turned to country stations.”

Nowadays Joey can hear his own music on those preset stations, as his debut single “Get It On” has been climbing up the Billboard Charts. “Get It On,” which was previously reviewed on #CMchat, can best be described as a feel good party anthem. Joey explained that the song is:

pretty autobiographical. It’s basically what me and my friends have been doing for the last few years. We went from broke college kids to broke musicians to broke songwriters, and now we’re all starting to move up in the world. Even still, I don’t like to spend two hundred bucks in a bar. Let’s just get a bunch of beers in the backyard and invite people over.

The first time Joey actually heard his song on the radio, he was doing an on-air interview in North Carolina and, without realizing it was going to happen, the DJ spun the song. Joey also recalled the first time “Get It On” was randomly stumbled upon on the radio by someone at his label. “I got a text from someone at the label, ‘hey, turn to 97.9.’ And I ran out, I was in a bar, in the afternoon of course, and I ran out to my car and turned it on.” Joey, along with some of his colleagues, high-fived each other as they listened to the song play through the speakers. And hearing himself on the radio … that is the unparalleled moment in Joey’s career thus far. “The first time I heard the song on the radio when I didn’t know it was coming. When I was just in the car driving, channel surfing, and I changed to 97.9 and it was ON. I think just hearing it unexpectedly, that was priceless.”

Though Joey has begun to become accustomed to hearing his song on the radio, he is undeniably satisfied each time he hears it, realizing that his formula is working. “All of this, all these years of preparation and hard work. It’s really starting to pay off.” And based on my discussion with Joey, it seems as though he will continue to reap the benefits of his blood, sweat, and tears. With the success of “Get It On,” Joey is spending time out on the road and is traveling all over the country throughout the remainder of the year. He also anticipates going back into the studio to record more songs for his upcoming album, which is planned for a release in the early part of 2015.

What can you expect from a full length Joey Hyde album? An experience where you feel like you could have possibly written the songs yourself.

I write songs that I hope people can relate to and kind of put their own life into the pictures and song. I don’t want people to feel like they have to do one thing. We all have different aspects to our lives, different layers, and I hope that comes through in songs.

Thank you so much to one of the most “normal dudes” out there for a great interview! It was an absolute pleasure getting to know the man behind the song that has been a windows down, sunroof open, driving jam for me this summer, and I can’t wait to hear what else this multifarious artist has in store!

Make sure to download “Get It On” below for a sneak peek of what Joey is bringing to country music. And, to keep up with Joey, make sure to visit his website You can also find him all over social media — on Twitter @JoeyHyde; on Instagram @JoeyHyde; and on Facebook at Also follow us on Twitter @CMchatLIVE and let us know what you think of Joey’s single!

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